Mute profiles on Instagram to stop seeing their posts in your feed

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Every social media app is cool until our uncool relatives decide to join it.

The same thing happened with Orkut, thinking to have on Facebook and now the same thing is happening with Instagram is where.

We have all those annoying friends and relatives who are now on Instagram and they want us to follow them.

If you decide to not follow them you will keep getting messages about it on WhatsApp unless you have blocked them there as well.

So here is a pretty cool way to mute all these people without actually having to unfollow them.

You can mute their profiles so that their posts do not appear in your feed, and you are in control of what you want to see whenever you browse your Instagram feed.

This is a new feature that has been introduced by Instagram, which lets you mute any profile on Instagram so that their posts do not appear in your feed.

How to mute a profile on Instagram?

Head over to the profile of that particular individual, and then tap on that three dots that appear on the top right corner. You will get the new option called ‘Mute’

Menu Tab on the Mute option you will be able to choose whether you want to just mute their post or their stories as well.

After you are done with this he will no longer see that person’s post in your feed. The other person will not know that you have muted your profile.

You will still be getting notifications when they tag you in the posts.

I think the new feature is pretty useful since it is a polite way of blocking your friends and relatives from your timeline without them actually having to know about it.

Because it could be a little embarrassing to confront someone whom you have blocked on the social media platform. It could be an Awkward Moment there anyone would want to ignore.

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