My Netflix Got Hacked, this is what I’m doing to Protect it

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Can Netflix be Hacked? Yes, my Netflix Account got Hacked. Learn what I did.

A few days ago, at about 11:55 PM, when I was tired of getting my sleep from last 15 minutes, I thought of checking my smartphone one last time, this is one of the dozen times in that I did while laying in the bed.

But this time, it came as a bit of shock to see that my Netflix account was signed in to a new device.

My Netflix Account is Hacked

It didn’t happen, because I never signed into any other device other than my Smartphone, my Laptop and my TV.

Which meant that someone hacked my Netflix password.

When I checked the email it said that my Netflix account was logged into from another country, which is certain that my password got leaked.

There is very less possibility that my account password was cracked because I use a strong password with alphanumeric characters.

Which means there was a service that I used lately which lead my password to the hacker.

Anyways I had a lot of time to think about this but, only after I reset my password and sign out of all the devices.

It isn’t really that big a deal because it’s just a Netflix account and the worst a hacker can do is stream a few TV shows or a movie perhaps.

The worrying part was my credit card information on the account, which thankfully Netflix does not allow to see, even if you have logged into your account.

So, my credit card information or any financial transactions relating to the Netflix account was saved.

So maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but I still want to keep my Netflix account secure.

How My Netflix Got Hacked?

I am yet to figure out how this happened. Good thing is that I do not use the same password on all my services, I have been using a pattern for all my online services, a pattern which is tough to crack.

How to Reset My Netflix Password

If you log into the Netflix app on your mobile phone, tap on ‘More, which would be on the bottom right-hand side on your mobile.

Typing on which will take you to the area where you can find ‘App settings’.

Tap on ‘App Settings’

and then scroll down a bit, to find your email address under ‘Action’ section. When you tap on it, Netflix account settings will open in a browser. You will find the option to change the password.

Follow the steps to reset the Netflix password.

After I reset the Netflix password and Sign out of all the devices, I got an email in Spanish, just a few hours after that.

As I do not understand Spanish, I had to Google translate it and this is what I have found.

They seriously think that anyone is going to fall into the trap or maybe it’s just me who is not.

There could be many others who might be getting into this kind of trap, which is scary, to even imagine.

Because a Gmail account is more precious than the Netflix account since it is the centre of all the online accounts.

By the way, enable two-step authentication for Gmail if you haven’t already.

It is sad that Netflix does not offer any kind of two-step authentication that is available on Facebook, Gmail and other bigger sites, and it’s not just me who is saying about it.

And I did small research where I found out there were a lot of cases similar to me where the Netflix account was stolen or hacked.

Maybe there is a Netflix account hacker who sells hacked Netflix accounts to users for a cheap price. It could well be a possibility since you can buy Netflix account for cheap at various places on the Internet.

There are even reports of properties of Netflix getting hacked such as its official Twitter account.

There have been several reports where users found an unusual activity on their

accounts, which happens when someone logs into the Netflix account and starts streaming.

You can’t really know about it unless you are regular on checking on your emails, or look at your streaming history every now and then.

What can be done to Keep Netflix Account Safe

There are a few steps you can take to secure your Netflix account until it starts offering 2 step verification.

Use your best email to for your Netflix account and keep the notification turned on for the email app on your smartphone.

Make sure you have the complex password, which is not easy to guess, to be sure, you can use any other password generator available online.

A Detailed Guide to Create Strong Password Which is Hard To Crack?

It won’t be an issue using the auto-generated Complex passwords because we now have password managers that make it easy for us to manage your passwords without having to remember them.

Make it a habit of changing your password and signing out of all the devices once in a while, at least once in a month or so.

This will make sure that if anyone gets a hold of your account won’t be able to continue using at if, unfortunately, they have access to it.

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