How to Automate Your Android Phone to Do Certain Tasks at Once

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Asif Ahmed
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Smartphones have made our life easier, especially the Android Smartphones, which is easily accessible and can be owned by different types of people, because of its availability in different price segments.

Today in this article you are going to talk automating certain tasks on Android.

There are apps available for Android smartphone that will enable you to do a set of actions with just one Trigger.

For example, you can Silent your smartphone when you reach the office, and disable silent when you leave.

Enable Wi-Fi and connect to your Home network whenever you reach home. The possibilities are endless.

There have been apps like Tasker that have been available for a long time, but in this article, we are talking about Macrodroid, which takes the automation on Android Smartphones to another level.

These are few interesting features of the Macrodroid app for Android

★ It will get you Outta meet certain tasks on your Android smartphone and optimise your daily workflow.

★ You can Trigger different features of a smartphone in a single tab, for example, switch on the Bluetooth and start playing the music all switch on the Wi-Fi when you are near your house.

★ The Maxwell try that has as much as 65 triggers get started. There are location-based triggers, device status triggers, sensor-based triggers and connectivity triggers.

★ The Macrodroid app lets you automate actions like, when you put your phone on silent mode when you start playing a game, you can dim your smartphones display at a certain time.

How to Automate using Macros

To automate your workflow, get started by installing the Macrodroid app from the Play Store, then open the app and start adding the macros.

To add the macros you can choose a trigger then add actions that you want to happen. For example, you can add a trigger to check your device and then add an action that will toggle the LED torch, or launches the camera for anything you want.

You can then name the Macro with something descriptive.

Install MacroDroid from Play Store

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