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Writer is a beautiful and minimalistic Text Editor app for Google Chrome which you will love to use. The app very much feels like a native app, even when you run it on Windows or Mac OS.

I have found it a few days ago and have started using it for everything from Taking notes to writing down parts of a post.

Writer Color Scheme

It takes its design inspiration from the Android’s Material Design, which was implemented in Android 5.0.

You have the ability to change colours of the top ribbon, apart from making it black or light black (default colour) you can make it Blue, Blue Grey, Green, Grey, Indigo, Red, Pink, Purple, Teal.

There is also a ‘Night Mode’ which makes the entire app back, it feels better to write on a black screen when you turn on the full-screen mode.


When I started using the HP Chromebook 14 as my primary machine while I was on the go, I started relying more on Chrome apps, and thank God there are some great Chrome apps that help you get your work done.

I used the Chromebook mainly for writing and there were two apps I was using the most, the Google Docs and the Writebox, which is a very simple tool that can Run in full screen mode and there are few options to change the font and colours etc.

Even though I am now using a MacBook Air while I am on the go and there is also a heavy duty Windows 10 Desktop in my home office where I spend the most of my time, I still work mostly with the Chrome apps because of the workflow lets me do my work on any OS.

Prior to using the Writer app,  I used this code (data:text/html, <html contenteditable>) to make any tab as a text editor. And it works nicely. But the problem with it is that nothing is saved when you restart your browser, everything is gone.


Finally, there is a text editor, which is both beautiful and usable (runs offline). Though there is no Dropbox or Google Drive integration, you still can save your text in the desired folder in Dropbox or Google Drive (if you have them installed on your Computer).

We might see that integrated right into the app like it is in Writebox, but for now, it still becomes more usable than any other text editor app that is in Chrome Web Store

Install Writer from Chrome Web Store

Also check out another great Chrome app for writers called Calmly.

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