How to Optimize Your Videos on YouTube to Get Maximum Views

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In This post, we are going to talk about how to Optimise Videos on YouTube to get more views. 

I have been managing a few channels of my own and friends, and have also been doing a lot of research regarding growing youtube channel. 

I’ve gained a lot of information which I am sharing in the YouTube Creator series. 

Below is the list of things you should consider doing if you want to gain more view and grow your channel.

Content is King

Number one thing to keep in mind is Content is King. Which means what you show in your videos is important, does it solve a problem? does it have an entertainment value?

Whatever is the purpose of the video, one rule to always remember is that your video should be better than any other video available on the same topic.

This is how you give a better option to an existing viewer.

Spend more time on structuring the video, to make the production flawless.

Branding of your Channel

I’ve kept this one top because I see a lot of Channel not giving importance to it. You channel should visually look unique.

Your videos thumbnails should have some kind of consistency so that viewers can visually know it’s your content.

You can create your channel art, channel icon (your close-up shot if it’s your name) and thumbnails easily from websites like

Choose a colour combination, set of Fonts to write on thumbnails and be consistent with it across all your videos to give a visual sense that all the videos belong to one particular channel

Upload your video in Full HD or 4K

As the internet penetration is increasing, better cameras are coming in the hands of creators, YouTube wants to show the best quality videos to the viewers.

It’s one of the ranking factors for a video, So, consider uploading at least Full HD (1080p).

Use Searching keywords in Title, Description and Tags

Before posting the video on YouTube, make a search for the topic similar to your video and see what titles other channels are using,

Also, take a closer look at what YouTube auto-suggestion shows.

These are usually the most searched keywords, you can use them in them in your Video Titles.

Don’t stuff keywords in the title rather make a readable title which also explains your video.

Writing better titles will take some time but it’s worth it.

Write longer descriptions and try adding as much as keywords related to your video and also make it readable and as natural it can be.

Same goes for the Tags for the videos, keep it relevant to the video and put most search keywords, the limit is 500 characters, so utilise it smartly.

Upload Closed Captions (CC) for Your Videos

Close Captions add one more avenue for your videos to get searched, and it can be helpful to show your videos to other regions in different languages.

Closed captions can be in many languages, the more language you add, the more will be the chances it gets viewed.

YouTube basically wants to show a complete video, that is everything in order. Adding Closed Captions to the videos will help you get ahead of the competition who is not using them.

Share the Video on Facebook & other Social Networks

It’s true that you cannot rely on Facebook’s 1 billion people to get views on your Videos, but you can still use it to amplify it.

I’ve been using Facebook to let people know about my YouTube channel.

Simply posting links to your youTube video to the Facebook isn;t going to work, the best way it to create a teaser of your YouTube video, upload it natively on Facebook, and throw a link, either in the description or as the first comment.

Native Videos on Facebook tend to reach more audience, We all know how Facebook is aggressively promoting videos on its platform.

Share Playlists Longer Video Sessions

YouTube has switched its focus from views to watch time, and it rewards the channels with more watch time.

To get more watch time, you simply need to make the viewer keep viewing your videos.

The best way it to feed the Playlist link, which will make sure they get your next video in the playlist rather than seeing another video.

Create a playlist of similar content, or for a series. Then if you are sharing a particular video, simply share the playlist link

I share the playlist link on Social Keywords, Embed them on the Website and Leave them in the Description of relevant videos.

Daily Activity on YouTube Channel.

Be it Facebook or YouTube, every platform wants people to stay on their website for a longer time.

It rewards the creators who are most active on their platform. It doesn’t always have to be uploading video. simply

Simply replying to the comments, creatign playlists, adding more information in video descriotions, is considered as an activity.

It gives YouTube a signal that the Creator is serious about their channel and working on improving the viewing experience of the viewers.

So these were the things you should consider doing if you are looking to optimise your videos, get more videos. 

We keep adding more informative guides for YouTube Creators, so make sure you check them by following the tag: YouTube Creators

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