The Play Store app Keeps Crashing on Samsung Chromebook Plus (Fixed)

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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So, I have been using the Samsung Chromebook Plus from last few weeks, and just recently I started facing a weird issue.

Even though the Samsung Chromebook plus supports Android Apps and you can install any of apps from the Play Store, my Samsung Chromebook Plus crashes every time I Launch the Play Store app or any other Android app.

This means I cannot use the very feature the Chromebook plus has been advertised for, that is, ability to run Android apps.

I tried everything thanks as suggested by Google Chromebook forums and several other websites.

I tried restarting the Chromebook, but it did not work.

Another option was to Power Wash or Hard Reset the Chromebook, which is quite a pain because all the saved content on it, not that I have a lot but it’s still a pain to set your Chromebook all over again in the middle of doing something.

So, I kept looking and found one of the solutions that finally worked for me.

How to fix Google Play Store keeps crashing in Chromebook

  1. Hit search key
  2. Find the play store
  3. Right-click to bring up the drop-down to find the ‘App info’
  4. Click on it
  5. Force stop the app
  6. Disable the app
  7. A prompt will show. Hit Disable App.
  8. Another prompt will show about replacing the app to the factory version. And all data will be removed. Hit CANCEL.
  9. Re-enable the Google Play Store app.
  10. Close the window and relaunch the Google Play Store.

I got this solution on Reddit and here is the link to the whole thread.

Chromebooks are really great machines, they are the easiest to maintain since all the updates are done in the background.

Also, if you always have an internet connection, you will never miss the native apps since there are so many great web app alternatives available.

Check out the best Chrome apps for Chromebooks.

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