Bluetooth Keyboards vs Wireless Keyboards: Which Ones are Better for A Desktop PC?

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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I have been using desktop from last 10 years, and have used both types of keywords with it. So, I think I am qualified to answer this question and clear all the confusion if anyone is having.

When I started using an external monitor with my Dell Laptop in 2008, I opted for a Logitech wireless keyboard, it was the basic one so I didn’t really like it much, and soon started using the wireless keyboard from Microsoft Desktop 2000

But, then I came back to Logitech again, this time I opted for the compact Logitech MK240 (Get in India | Get in the USA), I have even reviewed it on the blog. Which you can read here.

And then in 2015, I started seeing a lot of nice looking Bluetooth based wireless keyboards coming up in the market. So I bought a Bluetooth Dongle for my desktop PC and a Bluetooth keyboard from Rapoo.

One of the biggest reasons for me to switch to the Bluetooth keyboard was, there was no need for any kind of dongle to connect it with several devices, in fact, these keyboards are built in a way that they can simultaneously be connected with Desktop, Laptop, and Mobiles, wherever the Bluetooth connection is available.

But, I was wrong, it isn’t as good as the Dongle-based wireless keyboards, especially for the Desktop, because the pairing is quite a pain in the back.

I had a really tough time pairing it, and when I finally succeeded, the connection was not as flawless as it is on the dongle-based wireless keyboard. The first strike of the key was always missed which created a lot of confusion and errors in my writings.

Suppose, if you have to write back, but you end up writing ack, because the B was not registered on the PC. I have returned the review of Rapoo Bluetooth Keyboards, it is an amazing keyboard, it’s small compact and fits into my laptop bag, and even runs fine with the laptop, but it’s a pain to work with it on the Desktop.

I simply stopped using it with my desktop and bought the Logitech MK 240 again just for the desktop.

So, if you are planning to buy a wireless based keyboard for your Desktop, I would highly recommend you go for the dongle based.

You anyway would not have to plug out and plug in every now and then and use it with some other device, and if you are planning to use it with multiple devices, please buy separate keyboards, maybe a Bluetooth based keyboard would be better for Laptop or your Smartphone.

The battery also is not that great on the Bluetooth based keyboards, the Bluetooth keyboard from Rapoo managed to give me two months of battery life, while the battery on the Logitech MK 250 lasted for around 2 years before I replaced them.

Again, the AAA size batteries are not that expensive, but it is quite a task to remember to change your keyboard battery is every two months, the keyboard simply won’t work when the battery is low and you will end up getting more frustrated than using a dongle-based wireless keyboard.

There are virtually no cons of the dongle-based wireless keyboards when it is compared to the Bluetooth based keyboards.

You can buy Logitech MK 240 keyboard from Amazon or get any other dongle based keyboard if you are planning to get it for the desktop.

Logitech MK240 from

Logitech MK240 from Amazon US

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