How to post longer videos in Instagram stories

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If you are a heavy Instagram use and want to post longer clips in your stories, you might want to read this post.

This post is an extension of the previously published post that you can check out here, How to make any video fit into Instagram stories perfectly.   

I would roughly tell you about that post, what we covered was, how to use any video and put them on stories so that they fit perfectly into the Instagram Stories. 

In this article, I am going to show you how you can post longer videos on Instagram.

Videos on Instagram stories have a limit of 15 seconds, even if you go ahead and post a video clip that is longer than 15 seconds, only the first 15-second portion of the clip would be posted and rest will be sliced out.

To post longer videos what you will have to do is slice that long a video into a series of small 15 second clips.  

If you are using an iPhone you will have the video editor on your computer to slide the videos into smaller 15-second clips because I don’t know how it is done on the iPhone.

But if you are an Android user you can do this right on your mobile phone, the only app you would require is the Power Director app. It is an amazing app that can be installed for free from Play Store.

How to slice longer videos into small 15 second clips on your Android

Open the clip in the Power Director, you can do this by opening the App, selecting the 9:16 aspect ratio for the project, and then add the video by tapping on Media.

Take the first 15 seconds of the video and slice the video, then tap on the rest of the video clip and tap on delete.

You will be left with the only 15-second keep that you can export. Rename it something like Instagram Story 01.

Go back to the project in the app, then tap on undo (icon will be on the right-hand side) which will bring back the entire clip, then tap on the first clip to delete it.  

Tap on the second clip, select next 15 seconds of the clip and slice it and then tap on the rest of clip to delete it and export the second clip also and the name is something like Instagram Story 02.

You can come back to the project again keep doing this until you have sliced the entire video into smaller 15-second clips.

Once you have all your clips, you can start posting the clips to your Instagram story.  Start with Instagram Story 01 and finish with the last one.

Many people do this on their Instagram stories and the use multiple 15-second clips to tell a story. Just think of one 15-second clip as one scene of your story.  Use Multiple scenes to tell a story. 

I hope you like this article to post longer videos on the Instagram story. You can do the similar thing for WhatsApp also, the only difference is, WhatsApp status has a limit of 30 seconds, so instead of slicing the videos into small 15 second videos you can slice them into 30-second clips and post them in your WhatsApp status.

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