How to Remove the Ugly Notch from iPhone X and other Android Phones with Notches

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The Apple iPhone X was launched with a Notch, init attempt to create a completely bezel-less smartphone Apple removed the front physical home button, but it couldn’t find a way to house the front camera along with other sensors in their new bezel-less design.

So they came up with this idea to create a Notch which will put every damn sensor of the iPhone along with the camera and their fees.

People have mixed reactions some love date and some hated it,

Soon we start seeing the notes on Android phones as well. One of many things Android copies from my phone.

I am not particularly a fan of notches but I understand that there is no Tech available to hide the earpiece and camera and the other sensors.

How to Hide the Ugly Notch on iPhone X

There are a lot of people who simply hate these notches there have been articles all over the web talking about how ridiculous the Notch design is.

Well if you count yourself in that category then here is a good news for you, there is an app available in that gets rid of the iPhone X’s Notch.

The name of the app is ‘Notch Remover’, it is available in the app store. What this app does is not really a rocket science but is going to make a lot of people happy who hate the iPhone X’s Notch.

The app puts a black bar on the top of current wallpaper of an iPhone x which makes the not nearly invisible. The app is priced at $0.99.

There is a comparison photo showing iPhone X with and without the notch.

The iPhone X and undoubtedly looks way better without the north, we looked at the reviews of the app and people seem to be too happy with it.

You can install the app on your iPhone X here

How to Remove the Ugly Notch on Android smartphones

It’s just a few months since the launch of iPhone X and we already have a bunch of Android Smartphones with the infamous notch.

No matter how much you hate it, the fact is, the Notch is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The good thing is you can hide the notch is even from your Android Smartphones just like you can do on the iPhone x

There is an app on Android play store named the Nacho Notch, which will hide the notches from the Android Smartphones where it exists, and there are going to be many of them in near future until someone finds a way to put the front camera under the screen.

One great thing about this app is, unlike iPhone X, it not only hides the notch on the home screen but also everywhere else.

Needless to say, the smartphones look so much better without the notch.

Install the Nacho Notch app from Play Store

It would have been great if the Smartphone manufacturers have gone Samsung’s (Galaxy S9) way by not worrying about giving a near bezel-less display and giving a thin uniform border that houses everything that is required until we have the check ready for the near bezel-less designs.

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