How to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9

Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung first phone that lacks the physical home button, and with the absence of the physical button, the method to take screenshots has also changed.

So here is the new way you can take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9.

In other Samsung phones, where the physical button is available, the shortcut for taking screenshots is pressing the power button with the home button, and whatever there is on your screen is saved on your camera roll.

And the Samsung Galaxy S8 uses a digital home button on display, so you cannot use the digital home button to take screenshot anymore.

But there are still three buttons available on the phone. The Power button, Volume up, and Volume down button.

How to take screenshots on Galaxy S8, S9 and newer phones with Digital Home Button.

So to take the screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S8 press the power and volume down buttons at the same time.

And there is also another way to take screenshots if you didn’t know it already.

You can go to the Advanced features under the Settings menu. There will be a smart capture section that shows the ability to swipe your hand across the display for taking the screenshot.

This feature has been there in Galaxy phones for a very long time, but it doesn’t work all the time. So the above method of pressing buttons is preferred.

Smartphones are aiming to get a near bezel-less display, and that is the reason gesture-based home buttons have replaced the home buttons.

In Samsung Galaxy S8 you can get the home button by swiping up from the bottom.

The similar gesture works on every Android smartphone which is bringing 18:9 (or even taller) aspect ratio and removing the navigation buttons at the bottom.

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