How to Reopen A Browser Window or Tab When You Close it Accidentally in Google Chrome

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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It used to be so annoying when you accidentally closed a browser tab or window in the past and the only way to open it was to go through the History and open it again.

Thankfully the browsers have now made it easier to reopen the accidentally closed tab or browser windows.

Here is how it works in Google Chrome

If you have ever closed a tab accidentally when you have several tabs open, simply right click on the current browser tab and click on the option ‘Reopen Closed Tab’

This will open the last closed tab at the same place it was opened.

It works chronologically, which means you can reopen multiple tabs if you have closed more than just one.

This even works when your Computer is restarted or you have booted it on yourself the next day. You can get the open tabs from the previous session.

In fact, there is a better way to get back to the previously open session and get back all the closed tabs right when you launch it.

How to get back the last browser session in Google Chrome.

Go to the settings menu in Google Chrome and then find the ‘On Startup’ section and select the middle option ‘Continue where you left off’

Keeping this option checked will make sure you get back all the tabs you have opened in Google Chrome.

Here is how it works in Opera Browser

Browsers take inspiration from each other. While Opera has lent so many innovative features to other browsers, such as Tabbed Browsing, Speed Dial etc.

It got the inspiration to offer this feature or reopening closed tabs from Google Chrome. Works pretty much similar to Google Chrome.

You can right click on the current tab and select to Open the last closed tab.

Do this multiple times and all the tabs you closed in the last session.

Similarly, you can choose the setting to Open the last browser session right when you launch the Opera browser.

You can go to the Preferences in Opera browser and then select the middle option of ‘Continue where I left off’ in the ‘On Startup’ section.

It might be a tiny thing, and many would feel digging through the History section to find the desired tab to open isn’t that painful, but if you do it more often, this neat trick will save you a ton of time and frustration.

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