Top 8 Rust Game Tricks To Become a Successful Player

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The download process of Rust is always a simple task. However, you’ll face a more challenging time trying to get started with the game.

While this may pose a challenge initially, it will help you build the resilience needed to survive the unforgiving battles you’ll encounter in the game’s later stages.

It will take you some effort to get along on your own. But you can reduce the stress if you incorporate some tips from people who already have experience playing Rust. We’ll be sharing 8 such tips in this post. In addition, we recommend SideGamer for undetected hacks for your Rust game.

8 tricks to play Rust successfully

Your choice of a server comes first.

Before you enter your first Rust match, you’ll have to choose a server. Avoid the temptation of just selecting a random server to dive right into the game. Go for a server with fewer players on it. This is because advanced players prefer playing on populated servers where they’ll face and create tougher fights. If you’re still new to the game, you may die before you even get started.

Give the pre-game tutorials some of your time.

You don’t want situations midway into your game where you wish you remembered tips from or paid attention to the pre-game tutorials. Rust gives players tasks to craft tools necessary for survival or to build a fire. Learning to do these minor tasks will also aid you when you face tasks with advanced difficulty in the later game stages. 

Gather resources and be quick with it

There are several resources you must gather during your game. Even though they’ll keep you engaged, they’re of great importance if you must survive Rust.

For your weapons, you’ll need wood and stone in large amounts. You’ll also need fibers to make your sleeping bag; gather enough of them. But whatever you do, make sure you’re quick about it and leave the scene to avoid an ambush.

A sleeping bag is a worthwhile investment.

As we mentioned in the previous tip, you’ll need fibers to craft your sleeping bag. It’s quite logical to think of your sleeping bag as a bed of sorts, but that’s not what sleeping bags are meant for in Rust. 

Sleeping bags act as respawn locations where you return to the game if you exit or eventually die. Therefore, you must keep your sleeping bags in strategic positions where it’s safe to resume your game.

The hemp plant is important.

In addition to other things you should farm for in Rust, gather enough hemp. Hemp provides sufficient amounts of fibers which is the basic item for your sleeping bag.

More importantly, hemp also provides the material needed to make clothes. Clothes will help protect your body from cold, keeping your health up.

Get yourself a ranged weapon

You’ll have enemy players and weather elements posing a threat to your life. In addition to these, several wild animals, including bears, are things you should be wary of. To fend off such predators, you’ll need to craft a bow as soon as possible.

All you need for your bow is 50 cloth and 200 wood. As soon as you gather those, craft that all-important bow.

Cultivate some stuff for yourself

If you suspect a threat somewhere around, you might want to avoid wandering far. However, you’ll starve if you have no supplies close to your base. The best way to do this is to cultivate some important plants around your base. 

Hemp, for example, is a good source of food and material for clothing and sleeping bags. Other important plants worth cultivating include pumpkins, potatoes, and corn.

Your base should be close to resources.

You should always build your base far away from human threats and elements. Another precaution for base building should be how near it is to essential commodities such as water and veggies.

Some of the best locations for your base are between rock formations, deserted coastal areas, opposite the spawn beach, Dome, and a Trainyard.


Rust is a survival shooter game with no specific commands or objectives. As such, you can occupy yourself with any activity that interests you. The tricks we have discussed above will increase your survival chances.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to thrive better and outlive most of your opponents. Above all, you need to survive. So, constantly monitor your health stats and take action to make sure everything is in order.

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