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Looking for an easier way to create videos for your business or for personal purpose? In this article, we are talking about similar service which makes creating videos effortlessly.

If you like to keep yourself well informed I am sure you must be aware that by 2020 70% or maybe more than that after the conception of content on the internet would be in video format.

It’s 2019 and we have already started seeing this happening, videos are everywhere, in your Facebook news feed, on your Instagram feed, even Twitter users started posting videos.

This only validates that the video format is here to stay for long, and chances of you succeeding is higher with video content, because, let’s face it, producing videos is quite technical, time-consuming, and a creative process.

Do the ‘Smart work’ not ‘Hard work’

It’s a lot of hard work to learn video editing software, and before even getting to that. You need a powerful PC that can run a video editing software.

Surely, there are apps available for smartphones that allow you to do small video edit, but it is still a tiring process to create videos on a tiny screen.

And it is not ideal if you want to create videos on a regular basis.

This is where the smart work comes in Play, with a strong internet connection you have the ability to access all the features of a video adding new software in a web app.

The one I am talking about in this article is a web app which allows you to create videos effortlessly. FlexClip.

FlexClip isn’t the only web-based video editing app available in the market, but what’s unique about this app is it’s free of cost.

There is no watermark on your produced results there is also no limitation of the output quality you can create videos in full HD also.

How does FlexClip work?

The process of creating videos using this web app is pretty straight forward.

You open the website then sign up if you haven’t got an account, and then you get your dashboard where you can see all the list of preformatted video clips that you can reuse by making small edits to them.

Creating a video from scratch

If you want to start from scratch, create a new project, and you will be able to add Photos or Videos or A Solid Background to the Storyboard.

The best thing is, the Dashboard gives you access to a huge library of Photos and Videos organized in categories, which makes it easy to pick. You can also upload your own.

The footages can be as long as 1 minute, and you can easily trim them as per your need.

Add text overlays to each clip or photo and then preview, add music from the library or your own music (be sure to use Copyright free music if you want to share it online).

Almost complete video in 10 minutes

Once everything is done, you can preview the video and make tweaks to it accordingly, then export it in your desired quality. 480p, 720p and 1080p is available.

Export in desired quality FlexClip

The video would still be available under your project even after you have downloaded the video so that you can go back to it and make a date if you have to.

Check out the sample video that I created with it under 10 minutes. (plus 5 minutes for exporting, uploading and posting on Facebook)

These web-based video editing apps make it really easy to create videos for social media or private consumption, but it is perhaps the first web app service I have found, which offers downloading videos for free without any watermark.

This also makes it a nice alternative for video editing on Chromebooks, which runs on a web-based OS.

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