Automatically Share Specific Photos with your Spouse, Parents, or Friends with Google Photos

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Ever since Google introduced its Photos Storage product called Google Photos, I’ve been telling people how cool the product actually is.

It isn’t just great for storing photos in the cloud, there is so much more to it.

Be its amazing photo recognition, ability to quickly search for specific photos from the past, or photos of specific location (if you haven’t removed the location tags). There is another great feature of the Google Photos which makes it worth using.

Use Shared Libraries to Share Specific Photos Automatically

If other people in your circle use Google Photos, you can actually share photos with one another using their Google account. It will automatically appear in their Google Photos gallery.

But Google Photos takes it to another level, thanks to its amazing Photo Recognition technology.

It can find people in photos, and if you have tagged them right, you can turn on an option that will Automatically share photos with particular people if they are in it.

For example, You can automatically share photos of your Kids with your Spouse, simply tap a Face, name it, and turn on Auto Share.

The next time you take a photo of your Kid, and it gets backed up on Google Photos cloud, it will also appear in your Spouse’s Google Photos gallery.

Note: In order for this feature to work, the photos need to be uploaded to the Google Photos cloud. Turn on Backup & Sync.

I’ve turned this feature on my Wife’s Google Photos account, to share photos automatically if there is Me, or the Kids in the photo.

I’ve also enabled Auto share feature for sharing photos of Kids with their Grand Parents, so that I don’t have to worry about sharing them manually, which is quite a hectic job, especially after a vacation, where there are literally hundreds of photos.

If I talk about my process of sharing photos with my Wife and Parents, I keep the Backup and Sync feature turned off, then take some time to delete the unwanted, blurry photos and then turn on the Backup & Sync feature.

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