How to Secretly Watch Someone’s Instagram Story on Android and iPhone

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The stories feature of Instagram is most widely used features of Instagram even though it is a direct rip off of the Snapchat stories.

Because users don’t care if the feature is copied or not, what daycare is, the feature is available on their most loved platform. And currently, Instagram is all the rage when it comes to popular social networking sites.

If you are an Instagram user and want to view someone’s story without actually them noticing it. You surely can do it. There are three ways to do it.

Method 1: View someone’s Instagram story secretly without using a third party tool

In this method, you don’t have to use any third party app. It’s rather a smart trick you can apply to view anyone’s Instagram story.

Simply open Instagram and go to your home screen where the story is visible on the top.

Suppose, in the screenshot below, you want to view the story of ‘Flavours of Lucknow’ or ‘karanklicks’, you can type in few the story of ‘Abhishek’ and once you are giving the story, you can tap and swipe right to view ‘Flavours of Lucknow’s Story’ or you can swipe left, to view ‘karanklicks’ story.

Make sure you swipe back to the story you are viewing without lifting your finger, else have you will be registered.

So, once you are back to ‘Abhishek’ story, you can type on the back button of your smartphone, and you will see the stories from ‘Flavours of Lucknow’ and ‘Karanklicks’ I still unviewed.

Note: This only works for images since to view the videos you will have to type on it to play, but you will still be able to view the first frame of the video, to give you an idea what the stories about.

Method 2: View someone’s Instagram story using a third party app

There are plenty of third-party apps available for this particular thing, for both Android as well as iPhone.

Story Saver is a popular app for Android while the Story Reposter is a popular app for iPhone. These I would allow you to search for any profile on Instagram and then Save or Share this story directly in a single tap.

Method 3: Using the web apps

The third method requires you to use the web, so it is going to be quite an unpopular way since all of you might be using the smartphones to access the internet.

You can still use any Browser on your smartphone to do this.

Simply visit this web app called, the web app will give you the option to type in the username to search for their story. Type in the username and press enter.

Once the profile is detected you can tap on it to view the story, you can view it as well as download it on your device.

Alternatively, you can also use, which also let’s you view anyone’s public instagram stories without them knowing about it.

You are get the option to download free stories, both videos and photos. And the good thing is that it is mobile friendly so you can open it in Chrome for Android, for Safari on iPhone, it will work on both the Mobile platforms.

Watch the video tutorial

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