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A few months ago, I wrote an article about how to read articles 3x faster on your mobile phone,  the trick involved a tip to use the speech to text feature and making the reading speed a little faster so that you can still understand it and read article faster.

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This was one of my attempts to improve my productivity and do more in less time. I still use that trick to read more articles in less time.

But, I have added one more trick and that is about writing articles. Using this trick, I can write 3x of my typing speed.

Obviously, I am talking about the first draft because posting an article on Techtippr takes three steps.

  • One is where I put the rough draft
  • In the second part, I correct the spelling and typos,
  • And in the third part, I do a little bit of formatting and adding images with before publishing it.

These three phases take somewhere from half an hour to 5 hours, depending on the post’s length and the format’s complexity.

Usually, it takes me an hour to write the articles, and the first draft takes between 20 minutes to half an hour.

But with this trick, I am able to create my first draft in just 15 to 10 minutes.

So, whats the trick to writing faster?

The trick that I am talking about is Voice Typing. Voice typing is a feature when you talk into the microphone and convert your voice into text. You can use this feature on both your PC as well as on your Mobile.

Typing faster on Mobile Phones

It works flawlessly on either of the devices, I’ve written an article about SwiftKey and Gboard, where I compare them, and one of the features that made me switch from SwiftKey to Gboard, was the voice typing feature which is implemented better on Gboard app.

Voice typing has allowed me to write longer articles that range from 1000 words to 1500 words entirely on my mobile phone (using the Gboard app as of now).

I use voice typing almost everywhere, be it in WhatsApp, writing descriptions of social media posts, replying to emails, and when writing long-form content for my blog.

For writing articles for my blog, I use Google Docs, which keeps my writings synced to the cloud. I used it for the first draft.

Then, I come back to my PC, copy and paste the first draft to the WordPress post editor for proofreading and formatting the article before publishing it.

The reason I chose Gboard over SwiftKey is mentioned in this detailed article if you are interested in reading about that.

Writing articles faster on PC

For writing articles faster, I use the simplest setup, which is, again, Google Docs. It has got a voice typing feature which works flawlessly.

When the first draft is complete in Google docs, I copy it and paste it into my blog post editor, where I proofread and format the post for publishing it.

The Hardware I use for writing faster

I use a MacBook Pro, and it is an inbuilt mic, which is good enough to pick up my voice and convert it to text.

I haven’t tried this feature in a place where there is a lot of ambient noise, so I’m not sure how it is going to perform if you work from a Cafe or an area where there is a lot of background noise, but, I am sure, an external microphone can help in that scenario.

I have a Blue Yeti microphone in my home office, but I prefer the portability of my MacBook Pro. That is why I use the built-in microphone, which works for me pretty well.

Why is voice typing better than typing on the keyboard?

I understand that voice typing is not practical in every scenario, but it makes content writing fast and efficient.

Voice typing has also improved my proofreading process, making the articles almost error-free and typo-free.

When I type the words on the keyboard, it feels like I am repeating the process when I am Proofreading it, and I tend to oversee the mistakes I made while typing the words.

But, when I am voice typing, I can see the words being converted into text, and it helps me catch typos right in the first draught, and since voice typing tends to make some errors and it mistypes some words, the need of proofreading becomes stronger, and you are more aware when you are proofreading, which helps you catch more mistakes compared to when you type the words on the keyboard.

It also helps you get out of your lazy zone because the initial push is easier, as you can talk into your mic and you are writing what you are talking about,  which is easier in comparison to thinking and then typing the words using the keyboard.

We speak faster than we type, and voice typing feels like someone is typing what we are speaking.

So, if you are a content creator who writes content daily, you should give voice typing a try because it is fantastic and it is going to boost Your productivity and your content creation 3x.

I hope you like this article you can read more articles on

And by the way, I have written this article by voice typing in Google Docs. It’s roughly a 1000 World Post, the first draft of which took 10 minutes to write.

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