4 Awesome Apps that are not available in Google Play Store

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If you have got an Android smartphone you may be only using the Google Play Store for finding and installing apps according to your workflow. There is a whole universe of app available outside of the Google Play Store.

Is not recommended to try out apps from third-party sources because its easy to inject the Android apps with malware and spyware.

And if you end up installing an infected app on your mobile phone, you are giving access to the most crucial device that has everything about you saved on.

Be it the photos, be it the contact numbers of people, be it the sensitive messages, be it the documents, you name it. 

But if you have a basic idea about how Android works, you don’t really have to worry about all these things. And above all, Google has been working very hard to make their Android platform secure. And if you know trusted sources from you where you can download the apps which are not available in the Play Store, you’re good to go.

So about these four apps, I will also give you the trusted sources from where you can download and try it yourself. But before I do that I would like to make a note that, be really cautious of what you are installing on your mobile, give special attention to the permission it asks, and if you do banking related stuff on your mobile phone I advise you not to do all these things on the device.

Here are four awesome apps that are not available in the Play Store.


It’s a must have app for anyone who uses social media. While it isn’t a social media itself, it lets you download content from sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Since it does not comply with Google Play policies it is not available in the Play Store. But it’s really helpful for even download music you want to listen to offline or use in your stories. 

I use it to download Memes from Instagram pages that only allow their content to the followers they accept. So, sharing directly doesn’t show it to my friends. 

Simply downloading the MEMEs using Snaptube and sharing with friends makes more sense. 


This is a great app for YouTube users. It lets you use YouTube as a music player and even play the YouTube videos in a small floating window so that you can use any other App while watching the video from YouTube.

This is actually a feature offered by YouTube for their premium subscribers. YouTube premium it’s actually pretty amazing where the subtraction lets you play YouTube videos in the background or in floating window and you also get premium content on YouTube.

We actually have written an article talking about how we can get YouTube Premium for cheap. But if you do not want to pay for premium service because maybe you do not use it that often or you just want to use one feature that is playing videos in a floating window, no then you can install flight you on your mobile phone.

App Cloner

I love you more because of it’s amazing feature of letting you clone any app on your mobile phone so that you can use multiple instances.

Mowgli all Android phones have started offering a feature where you can use a single app for multiple accounts. But these usually have limited support. Cloners solves the issue by letting you clone any app.

The best part is, is it lets you change the colour of the I can make modifications like flipping the icon to stand it out you can even you rename the app whatever you want.

There are more advanced features such as, making changes in what permissions it should ask for and what permissions it shouldn’t. Weather it you too many Kate with other apps installed on mobile phone or not. 

Movie Popcorn

Movie popcorn, as the name suggests, is an app that offers videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime, another premium streaming services. 

By offering premium content for free, it breaks several policies, which is why it is not available in the Play Store. 

The experience obviously is not going to be as smooth premium subscription of these streaming services, but if you want to catch from movie once in a while, and you do not have a subscription, the chances are, you can find the movie on this app. Not all the movies, it also has a lot of TV shows from premium streaming services.

Apart from these four app there are a lot of apps but since the sources of those apps are not trustworthy I am not listing them out here. Also, you should not be trying out just any app you can find outside of the Play Store. 

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