6 Best YouTube Tips and Tricks for Android for a Better Experience

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YouTube is the largest video sharing website on the Internet and it is also the second largest search engine.

And the majority of the People watch videos on YouTube on their smartphones, the apps make the video watching experience even better than watching inside a browser.

So here are some of the best YouTube tips and tricks for its Android app so that you can have a better experience watching YouTube videos.

Double tap to go forward or rewind

This really does make your life easier. The YouTube app behaves like a normal video player and lets you go 10 seconds back for 10 seconds forward simplify double tapping on the left and right-hand side respectively.

It is 10 seconds by default but you can change it from the settings of the YouTube app.

Turn the captions on

Another reason why I love YouTube is that I get to watch a different type of videos on the platform, and these days I have been watching a lot of Korean movies.

Thanks to the closed captions, I can enable them and watch videos of different language and still understand by reading the subtitles.

YouTube creators get this option to add captions then search or open it for others to add the captions, and you will find the closed captions on mostly all the popular non-English videos.

Download videos for offline viewing

There are many ways you can download videos from YouTube, but all of them are against the policy and often required a lot of back and forth.

YouTube itself offers an easier solution, by offering to download videos for offline viewing. When you watch the videos, a download button would appear next to the Like, Dislike, and Share buttons.

Please note that not all the videos are available to download since it depends on the creator to allow it.

Autoplay videos

If you are in the YouTube app for binge-watching, the autoplay of videos might be helpful.

Simply enable the autoplay option that would appear just below the subscribe button, and all the videos that show up in the up next section, which is just below the video, which start playing one by one.

Finish videos faster or learn a faster move

The YouTube app on Android also has the feature of increasing the speed of the video player. You can increase or decrease the speed of a YouTube video by 0.25x to up to 2x.

Slowing down a video would be helpful if you are trying to learn a dance move or anything that comes on the screen too fast.

And speeding up the video would also be helpful when you are here watching and knowledge-based video and the speaker is speaking patiently.

You can put the video speed to 1.5x and you would still be able to understand every single word. It will also let you watch 10 minutes video in just 7.5 minutes.

Add videos to a playlist

The playlist is also an important feature that you can take advantage of in the YouTube app for Android.

You don’t have to watch every video that I come across instantly, you can add it to a ‘Water Later’ playlist.

Or if you really like a video or music video, you can put it in a different playlist. Because apart from cat videos and other amateur videos, YouTube has all type of different music from different artists all over the world.

So these were some of the best tips and tricks for YouTube app on your Android to enhance your video watching experience.

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