Apple iPad Air 4th Generation vs Lenovo Chromebook Duet

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Asif Ahmed
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I have been using both the Apple iPad Air 4th generation and Lenovo Chromebook Duet for the last few months. Both are pretty amazing devices in their own ways. I have used both of them in different scenarios.

I too was confused whether which one would be a perfect fit for me, so I ended up buying both devices. But that’s ok since part of my job is to figure out stuff for our readers as well.

This post is a comparison of both the devices in different scenarios so that you don’t have to buy both devices. Get the only one that fits your use case.

Watch the video embedded below to clear all your doubts whether these devices are capable of the things you intend to do on them.

Watch the Video

Comparision in different Use Cases


iPad Air 4th Generation

Rs 52000/-

Just the Tablet

A14 Bionic Chipset

Good for Video Editing, Photo Editing, Creative Stuff. 

Apple Pencil: Rs 10,000


4:3 Aspect Ratio

A4 size paper documents look good. 

Great for Content Consumption, Screen is bright, speakers are loud.

1 Type C Port

A 3.5mm Adapter is Not Provided

Good for Gaming, thanks to its powerful processor.

Full Desktop Safari Browser. No Extensions support.

Opens the Desktop version of sites but some functions are restricted. 

MS Office iOS App works well on the iPad

Dictation is Okay. Not great for writing Long-form content. 


Chromebook Duet

Rs 25999/-

Tablet + Keyboard, Magnetic Back Cover

MediaTek Helio P60T

Good for documents and web apps, things that require less processing power.

USI Pen: Rs 4500


16:9 Aspect Ratio

No black borders on Videos.

Okay for Content Consumption. Speakers are not loud. 

1 Type C Port

A 3.5mm Adapter is Provided

Not Recommended, but you can play if you are not a regular gamer. 

Full Desktop Google Chrome Browser. Chrome Extensions Support.

Feels like a laptop when inside the Google Chrome Browser. 

MS Office Android App works well on Chromebook

Voice Typing Works Great, 


An iPad is a tablet that can do most of the things you do on a Laptop. A Chromebook can give you a full Desktop experience when working inside a browser. 

Buy iPad Air 4

Buy Lenovo Chromebook Duet

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