Control Google Assistant using Your Headphones / Earphones

If, obviously, they have an inbuilt Microphone..

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Raise your hands if you love Google Assistant ok don’t worry about it, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love it. But we love it more

So today we are going to give you tips to use Google Assistant more efficiently. Maybe you are already using it if you are a pro at using Google assistant, like us.

Ok here it is

Use Google Assistant using your Headphones / Earphones

Without even touching your smartphone

You may already be aware of the ‘Hands-Free’ ‘Ok Google’ things, but even for that, you have to keep your phone in your hands.

But, if you have got your mic enabled earphones connected to your mobile phone, and there is a button on it for answering and ending the calls, you can activate Google assistant simply by pressing that button once.

You can even ask Google questions and it will answer you in your ears without letting anyone know about it.

It is pretty cool that your phone stays in your pocket and you have got your earphones plugged in, you can ask you Google to set a timer, or navigate you at a place or set a reminder or probably anything that does not require you to look at the screen.

Make Google Assistant work with Bluetooth headsets

Now, how cool it would be if you have Bluetooth headsets, which means your phone can not only be in your pocket but it can be anywhere as long as it is connected to your Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth.

You can simply activate Google Assistant with a press of a button and ask it anything.

The sad part is that only a handful of Bluetooth headsets currently available in the market that support Google assistant.

If you own a Bluetooth Headset, and it is not working with Google Assistant, you can try doing this.

Open the Google app, go to Settings>Voice>Hands-free, and make sure “Allow Requests with Device Locked for Bluetooth Devices” is turned on

If you are really interested, I can do a post on the blog listing all the Bluetooth headsets that support Google Assistant.

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