5 Best Weather Apps for Android with Widget Support

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People who make the most out your Android smartphone love to know about weather reports before stepping out of the house.

Not just the pro users but also the people who are concerned about how the weather is going to be or people whose work get influenced by the weather, really like to keep a tab on the weather.

And what a better way to do it then using a weather app on your mobile phone.

But if Android allows you to choose apps for showing weather reports beautifully then why not. Send this article we are going to list out some of the best weather apps for Android that also of a rigid support so that he can check out the weather right from your home screen.

1. Google Assistant

Google assistant is one of the best ways to get a weather report, it might already be available on your phone. You can check it out by long pressing the home button (which is the default action on mostly all the Android smartphones).

Although it automatically notifies you of the current temperature in the notification panel capping on which will open the Google Assistant page will you can view the weather report in detail.

How you can simply ask Google assistant about weather by saying something like,

‘Ok Google’

‘How’s the weather today?’ or,
‘Do I need an umbrella today? or,
‘How hot it is today’.

You can install the Google app from Play store to get Google Assistant and then choose Google search bar widget to put it on the home screen so that it is easier for you to look at the weather report.
Check out some cool Google Assistant commands to make the most of it.

Install from Play Store

2. AccuWeather Android app

The AccuWeather Android app is probably I am the most popular weather report app available.

Apart from the impressive looking user interface, the app is filled with features, that tells you extended forecasts, forecasts on an hourly basis, and minute by minute forecast for rain

It also has widget support so you can place to visit on the home screen.

Install from Play Store

3. Dark Sky

The Dark Sky app is also quite beautiful when it comes to the user interface which shows the weather report beautifully.

It has pretty nice ratings on the Play Store as well, the app is free to use with Limited features, as well as there is a premium version also available to unlock all the features that is going to cost around $2.9 per year.

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4. Today Weather

This weather app made it to the list of Google’s best apps for the year 2017.

It is a beautiful weather report app which is simple and probably the most accurate one available out there.

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The Weather Channel

The weather channel is a simple weather reporting app which has very much all the features you would require in a weather reporting app.

It shows you the current temperature future forecast severe weather alerts radar and much more. The app supports different app you can select to place on the home screen and there is a separate tablet UI as well.

Also one of the great things is that the Earth is totally free of cost with no in-app purchase or any premium version.

Install from Play Store

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