How to convert Negative Films of Photograph into Positives using your Smartphone

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If you happen to have a bunch of negatives of photographs lying around in your house and you don’t know what to do with them, because you don’t have time to go out to a photo studio and get them developed.

We mostly take all your photos on your smartphones these days, and we keep them saved on it as it is quite easier for all of us, because we can access our photos anywhere we want.

But did you know that you can actually convert these negatives of the photograph into positives just by using your smartphone?

This way you can digitalize all your old photographs of which you have got the negatives.

It is so amazing to see how the smartphone cameras are capable of doing a different kind of things.

How to convert negatives and positives

To convert the negatives into positives, you will have to take a photograph of the negative using your smartphone camera.

Now, to get a better clarity, you can scan them using apps like Notable

After taking the photograph, crop out the unnecessary areas and keep only the content that you want to convert.

Then open the image in the gallery and tap on ‘Edit image’. Mostly all the smartphones come with an inbuilt feature of doing some basic editing on the photographs, such as applying filters, changing colors, etc.

What you will have to do here is apply ‘Negative’ filter to the photograph. When you apply the negative filter to the negative it will automatically convert into positive.

However, you will see a bluish tint on the photographs, this is because in the negatives being stored for a very long time. But you can do a bit of color correction to such photograph to bring back the original colors.

You can take a look at these image editing apps for your Android phone to do the needful.

Watch this video tutorial to convert negative into positive photographs.

So, this is how you can easily turn your older negative into photographs. Once you have got a bunch of such negatives converted into positive you can keep them saved on cloud services such as Dropbox or Google photos.

I would, however, recommend using Google photos because it offers unlimited Storage for photos and videos, plus its AI-based search feature makes it easy to look for photographs by making simple searches. You can read about features of Google photos in this article.

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