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Make the Best use of Google Photos on Android or iPhone

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Asif Ahmed
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Just ten years ago, if you had to take a photo of yourself, you either had to guess by turning the back camera towards yourself and then clicking the shutter button, and you were able to take your photo in a few times.

Soon manufacturers started putting A camera in front of mobile phones and improved the back camera so much that it can be used as a primary camera for taking photographs.

Availability of Internet and increase in overall internet speed and availability of different cloud storage services has allowed us to organise our photo library more efficiently.

I want to specifically talk about Google photos which have been there from the last few years and has become a kind of default photo gallery app for Android mobile phones.

The good thing is that it is also available for iOS so you can install it on your iPhones as well to take advantage of it.

Google photos is not only a Gallery app, aur even a service that backup your photos. It is much more than that.

Here is how you can make the best use of Google photos on both your AndroidAndroid and iPhone.

How to get unlimited storage for photos in Google photos

Assuming that you have already installed the Google Photos app on your AndroidAndroid or iPhone, I would advise you to turn on the automatic backup setting are of the app.

You have options like upload photos whenever you are on a Wi-Fi connection, upload photos only when your mobile phone is charging, upload pictures even with your mobile data (be sure you have an unlimited mobile data plan for it).

You also have the option to choose the quality of the photos you want to upload, there is something called ‘Express‘ upload feature which will complete your photos but will make the process of uploading faster even on server connection.

I would advise you to keep it too high-quality photos, give photos will still be 1 MB to 2 MB in size, and you will get the unlimited storage option as well which is not available when you are choosing to upload photos in its original quality.

Easily search photos of people and objects

Once the photos are uploaded to the Google photos, it starts doing its magic.

The artificial intelligence and machine learning of Google is so on that it can recognise people and object in photos.

Apart from that it also has got the location where the photo has been taken (although you can remove it), this all works great in combination so that you can find the photo you are looking for easily.

In one folder it will show you the mugshots of every person that appears in your photos and categorises them so that you can view pictures of a particular person just by tapping on that mugshot.

You have no idea how much time you can save once you start using it.

Automatically share photos with friends and family

Google can recognise people in photos; you can easily set another level of automation by auto-sharing photos with people.

This is particularly useful when you want to share photos of any event or a trip. Learn more about it in detail in this article.

Free up space on your mobile phone by removing already uploaded photos

Although smartphones these days have got huge storage like 64GB, 128 GB and 256 GB, this feature would come in handy if you are low on storage.

Google photos give a few and easy option to clear storage by removing the images that are already uploaded to Google Photos.

However, you have to keep in mind that if you want to reaccess this photos, some data would be used so make sure you have got a good data plan if you are looking to browse a lot of photos or try to do it when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Easy to switch between smartphones

These days mostly everyone updates their smartphone in a year or so, which comes with a headache of moving content from one phone to another.

Media files are a massive portion of data you have to move between smartphones apart from apps.

But if you make a habit of keeping your photos synced in Google photos, you won’t have any issues since, or your photos are already backed up in Google Cloud, and you can access them write from your new smartphone just by sign in to your Google account.

I have heard many stories where phones have got damaged or got stolen, and photos were not backed up, meaning they lost all their precious photos with the smartphone. And cherished memories are more important than hardware.

So these are some of the benefits of using Google Photos as the default photo library on AndroidAndroid and iPhone.


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