How to Delete/ Uninstall Multiple Apps at Once On Your Android Mobile

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It is a common saying about smartphones, ‘There is an app for everything’. And mostly all of them are free.

Which means you can try thousands of apps available in the Play Store, you can even download the APK files of the apps which are not available in the Play Store and install on your phone.

You would soon reach a point where you would feel like uninstalling or deleting a few apps on your mobile phone either to clear out some space or because you do not want to use them anymore.

How to delete or uninstall an app from my mobile phone

Deleting or uninstalling an app you have installed on your mobile phone is pretty easy, and there are several ways to do it.

  • You can go to the app drawer,
  • find the app icon, long press on it.
  • You will see a few options popup either on the top right-hand side or top left-hand side of your smartphone (this depends on the smartphone manufacturer).
  • You can drag the app icon, to ‘Uninstall’ option that is on either side.

If the app is installed from the Play Store,

  • You can open the Play Store,
  • Find the app and go to the listing page,
  • It will give you the option to uninstall the app.
  • Just tap on it and uninstall the app.

The other way is to go to the application manager from the settings area, get the list of all the apps installed on your smartphone, find the one you do not want anymore, uninstall it.

How to delete or uninstall multiple apps at once

If there are more than one apps that you want to uninstall from your Android phone, you can install an app like Easy Uninstaller, which is available in the Play Store.

Easy uninstall gives you a clean interface from where we can select multiple apps that you want to uninstall and then follow the steps to uninstall the apps.

Since you can check multiple apps at once, you do not have to go to the specific app pages to uninstall the app, saving you a few click and taps here and there.

There are many other apps available which of a similar functionality like the easy uninstaller app, but they work more or less in the same manner.

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