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How to Open Zip File in Android Mobile Phone

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Looking to know how to open a Zip file on your Android mobile? Read this article to know more about it.

You may be using a smartphone for various tasks, and one such task is to download files from the internet.

The files you download from the internet can be of various types, and if the files are compressed ones, they may be in the form of RAR or Zip.

To open compressed files on Android smartphone, would require you to install an app that will allow you to do that, although, Android does support Zip files.

This means that you don’t need an app to actually we open the zip file.

If you have downloaded zip file on your Android mobile, you can use the file manager on your mobile to navigate to the file. When you tap on it, the system will ask you to extract it, and then will let you select the path where you want to extract the contents of the zip file.

While Android natively supports the zip files to be extracted, and viewed, you might still want to install an app that would allow you to give the contents of the zip file without extracting it.

The good news is, there are a couple of useful apps available in the Play Store itself.

WinZip – Zip UnZip Tools

WinZip, a popular file compression tool is available for Android as well anything installs from the Play Store.

The app will not only allow you to view the contents of the zip file but will also allow you to extract it.

You can also use the app to compress a bunch of files or folders on your mobile to make it a single file.

WinZip it supports a lot of file formats such as RAR, 7Z, LHA, ISO etc. This means that if you have to open any other compressed file other than ZIP, this app is going to be pretty useful.

RAR for Android

Like we mentioned above, not only WinZip, there are a couple of great file compression apps available in the Play Store. RAR for Android is one such app that supports a variety of file extensions including RAR, ZIP, Tar, GZ, BZC, ISO etc.

If for some reason you do not like the user interface of WinZip you can go for a ride for Android.

Easy Unrar

Similarly, Easy Unrar is also a great app which has an inbuilt Browser which can be used to find the file you want to compress or extract on your Android mobile.

Apart from these three, there are plenty of other compression tools available for Android, and almost all of them are going to provide the feature of zipping and unzipping files on your Android mobile.

The only thing that will differentiate these apps is the user interface, so you can pick the one you like.

How can compression tools be useful to you?

The main idea behind using compression tools is to compress the file size so that it becomes easier to transfer the files, it has many other benefits as well.

Such as, you can put together a bunch of files into a single zip file so that it becomes easier to attach them as an email attachment, or send them via instant messaging apps

For example, WhatsApp has a limit of sending 10 photos at once, you can bypass this by compressing a bunch of photos into a single file and then send it via WhatsApp all at once.

When you keep your files compressed into a single Zip file or Rar file, it also becomes impossible for anyone to search for the particular file on your mobile, since it will be zipped in a single file.

So this is how you can open, view, you can create Zip files on your Android mobile. I hope you find this article useful


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