Xiaomi has its own PUBG-Style Survival Game and Its Available in the Mi App Store

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We know how much the world is crazy for PUBG, a multiplayer survival game that has been a huge success in 2018. Almost everyone I know plays the game.

It has achieved the kind of success which every app developer dreams of and maybe this is the reason there have been so many Survival Games that have emerged in the last few months.

Xiaomi too has jumped the bandwagon with its own version of Survival Game, which is available for download in Mi App Store.

The new survival game by Xaomi can be installed from the Mi App Store and has a total size of 185 MB, which means the users shouldn’t really expect high-end graphics like they have experienced in PUBG or Fortnite since it is just 10% of the size of the game.

That so far has got around 10,000 downloads and is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Apart from downloading it from the Mi App Store, you can also download the APK installation file of the game from the internet and manually install the game or distribute the APK files to other friends who are interested.

And since there is no additional file to be downloaded it is quite easy in comparison to installing PUBG or Fortnite.

Xiaomi started developing the game in the mid of 2018 and started inviting players for a closed beta test of the game back in October 2018. And that was finally made available in the app store after 3 months of testing.

The company has also confirmed that the game is based on popular Battle Royale game format, and with the Survival Game, Xiaomi is hoping that it can replicate the success PUBG and Fortnite games have achieved in 2018.

What the game is actually about?

The game starts with players playing to reach the location on the map in a spaceship, players choose to land on the battlefield anywhere, anytime.

Once they are on the map, players search the map for resources while trying to kill other players.

The format might look exactly like PUBG because it is. And the last prayers to stay alive on the map is the winner or chicken dinner.

You can try the game Yourself by download or if you own a Mi smartphone, you can install it from the Mi App Store as well.

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