Installed Extensions Do Not Appear in the Chrome Bar? Here is How to Fix it

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Asif Ahmed
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If you are a Chrome users, you must be aware of the importance of Chrome extensions. And I know how it feels when you can’t use your favourite Extension because it isn’t there, even after you have installed it.

Repair Chrome Extensions01

And it’s even worse when you go to the Extension listing in the Chrome Web Store and it tells you that you’ve already added it to your browser and there is no way you can add it again or some kind of re-download button.

Been there, done that.

You are not alone, I too have found myself in this situation many times. And I’ll tell you what to do. It’s the easiest way to get them back.

Actually, what happens is, these extensions either get turned off manually, you do not remember when you did that, and it’s okay don’t punish yourself. Or, the extension get’s corrupted for some reason.

Either way, you have to visit the ‘Extension’ area in your Chrome Browser, You can find it under the settings. (or type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar)

When you reach to the list of Extension, find yours. See if it’s turned off, Tick the checkmark to enabled, or  If it is Corrupt, you will find the repair button to next to the Chrome extension.

Repair Chrome Extensions


The repair would re-download it which would probably solve the problem.

It if doesn’t get a repair, you can remove the Extension by clicking on the Delete icon and Download it again from the Chrome Web Store.

While we at this, don’t forget to check out the killer chrome features to make the most of your Chrome browser.

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