How to Find Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

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With these massive amounts of users, the platform has become so competitive that many users prefer to have an Instagram growth service to maintain the growth

So it is apparent people ask a lot of questions regarding Instagram. One of the most popular questions is how to find who has viewed your Instagram profile.

Since most of the user base of Instagram is young people, people use Instagram to stalk other people. It could be an Ex-partner, a Friend, a competition, or just a crush.

It is apparent people would have this curiosity of knowing who is viewing their profile.

Unfortunately, there is no native solution to finding who is viewing your profile, as Instagram does not have a feature like this.

However, I Would Still give you some tips you can apply to find who stalks your profile.

Post Stories on Instagram Regularly

Although Instagram does not show who has viewed your profile, its stories feature I will tell you who has video stories.

Stories disappear after 24 hours of posting, and you can see who all have viewed your story. So it would mean, only people who were active in the last 24 hours have viewed your stories.

So this will give you some idea of who is active on Instagram and who views your profile.

Check which Posts are Gettings Likes

This is a little tricky, but I’ll still explain how you can use this trick to find if someone is stalking your profile.

You can turn on notifications for Instagram to make a habit of checking the notifications for Instagram likes.

Also, notice if you order to have got any likes recently. If that’s the case, it’s most probably someone who was stalking your profile and scrolling down your posts and have accidentally liked one of the posts because after double tap to like feature.

It is not sure that only a stalker would like a post from a few months ago, but it is doubtful, the like you got is an organic one because Instagram would not show your older posts in someone’s news feed.

Use the Bio-Link Feature in Instagram to Find out Who views your Instagram Profile.

This is a bit advanced trick and does not tells explicitly which user has viewed your Instagram profile, but it is still pretty interesting.

You can use an analytic service to figure out who clicks on your Instagram bio link. Link shortener services like Linkly would let you shorten any URL which you can put in your Instagram Bio.

For example, you can use this service to shorten your Twitter profile, any other social media presence, or maybe your favorite Instagram post.

When we use the link shortener to short in the URL and put it in the Instagram bio, someone Clicks on it. The link shortening service will give you some information such as What time the link was clicked, the user’s IP Address, the device they used, their Country.

This data would not pinpoint the particular Instagram user but will give you some idea if you are looking to know whether a specific person is viewing your Instagram or not.

Link is a premium service because the tool is pretty excellent for Web publishers, affiliate marketers, etc., who want to get as much data as possible. But the service also offers a free plan which is sufficient for a use case like this.

If you are the person who wants to be cautious and want to be aware of whether the other person will be able to know if you have viewed their profile, now you know what things you should avoid getting caught.

Jokes aside, if you want to view someone’s story without falling in their view words list, check out this article.

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