Five Most Popular Games By Copies Sold In 2023

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Video games have been around for years, advancing from arcades to console games. The world of video gaming continues to grow, and like sports, there are different areas. While some people are using their consoles for things such as the NFL schedule week 10 preview, some are playing games, and lots of them. That is part of the reason video games are consistently getting produced. 

In that case, we’ve compiled a list of games that have gained popularity over a period based on how wide and large their copies have been sold. So, we will look at the top 5 games that have gathered the highest millions of sales, in which only three have surpassed 100 million while the rest are close.  

Minecraft – 238 Million

Minecraft sits on the top of our list of most popular games; it has recorded a total sales of 280 million since its first release on the 17th of May 2009. And it has a similar concept to virtual Leggo. 

It allows players to build whatever they choose with blocks, and the breathtaking all-round view of magnificent creation castles, roller coasters, and skyscrapers gives an appealing scenery to the players.  Also, calming music was infused into the game to calm the mind of the players.

The game is a timeless classic that continues to attract millions of active players each month as players still get excited to dive into the game’s endless sea of exploration and customization.

The gameplay is guided by the gamer’s thoughts and imagination, thereby giving players a chance to display their creations to the world by building whatever they desire to build.

Grand Theft Auto V – 165 Million

The open-world action-adventure game has gained so much recognition since it was released some years back; it is the second most-sold video game of all time after sales copies recorded a total sales of over 165 million.

The GTA V was developed in 2013 by an American video game company, Rockstar, owned by the top game company Take-Two Interactive. The game is being played across three different generation consoles and PCs, even on mobile. 

GTA V remains the most popular even among all other series of the GTA. The game allows the player to explore a virtual world where you can switch between different characters who all have their personal background stories and attributes in the game as they go on different missions. 

EA Tetris – 100 Million

The Electronic Arts game, which is a replica of the other Tetris titles but with some new modifications such as a new soundtrack and player ability to create their preferred soundtrack from the list of music on their phone, was released back in 2009 and recorded a paid downloads of about 100 million by 2010 which is a year into it.

The game is played in the same style as the other Tetris by sliding, rotating, and dropping Tetrominos into place to form a complete row; when the row is completed, it vanishes, and points are awarded to the player for success.

There are different modes to the game, including the marathon, the classic mode, and the Multiplayer mode, which is the enhanced version of the game.

Wii Sports – 82.9 Million

The Wii Sports games make the list of famous and influential games of all time; it was released in 2006 by Nintendo and was included in the Wii console. The on-it release made a total sales of almost 83 million copies worldwide.

The game consists of five sports games: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. It gained so much popularity due to its simple and captivating gameplay and uniqueness; the console controller includes a sensor that detects 3D moves, allowing players to interact with the game. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 75 Million

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, also known as PUBG, makes the 5th on the list of the top 5 popular games after recording sales of over 75 million copies sold, and the number continues to rise as the game is still up for sale.

The game has 100 players from all over the world competing in a typical battle royale setting with each other in an open world that keeps getting smaller over time until players have no hiding space bringing about a face-off with each other in a gun battle. The last surviving player becomes the winner.

The game gained wide reception due to its highly defined graphics and intense gameplay. Its popularity has brought about the release of many mobile and console versions and several spin-offs.

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