How to fix water damaged iPhone?

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If you’ve dropped your iPhone in water or exposed it to moisture, and if you feel it is suffering from water damage, Read this article to know everything about this issue.

Water damage is a serious issue that can cause your device to malfunction or even stop working altogether. Having said that, if you have an iPhone 7 or above, it is highly unlikely that a simple submerge in the water will damage your iPhone as these devices have IP67 rating which offers several types of protections like Dust, Splash, Water Resistant for upto 15 minutes in 150 meter depth.

If your iPhone is older than iPhone 7 or has been under water for several hours, Try doing the following.

To fix a water damaged iPhone, the first step is to remove your Sim card and turn off your device immediately to prevent further damage. Then, gently dry your phone with an absorbent cloth and remove any excess water from the charging port, headphone jack, or any other ports.

Do not try to turn on the phone before it’s completely dried. To ensure proper repair, it’s best to take your water damaged iPhone to a trusted repair shop or to an Apple store, especially if you are unsure of how to open and disassemble your phone. With timely efforts, you may be able to revive your phone in no time.

How Does iPhone Water Damage Occur?

iPhone water damage occurs when liquid comes into contact with the inside of your iPhone. As we mentioned above, the iPhones since the iPhone 7 and iPhone XS, have been designed to be more water-resistant, but they are not waterproof.

If water or any other liquid is able to get into your device through ports, it can cause damage to the inside of your iPhone. Liquid damage can occur even from contact with a small amount of liquid, like a few drops of rain. Any exposure to liquid can weaken the internal components and cause damage to your iPhone. When this happens, your iPhone may not be able to function properly or may not turn on at all. So be careful with your iPhone and avoid liquid contact to prevent bad iPhone Water Damage.

Can iPhone Water Damage Be Fixed?

iPhones are known for their sleek and modern design, but unfortunately, they are not immune to water damage. If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone in water or spilled liquid on it, you may have experienced iPhone water damage.

The newer versions of iPhones are smart enough to figure out if your iPhone has come in contact with water. The charging of your iPhone is restricted and it can only be charged once it is dried completely.

Also, if your Phone falls in water, it will get into the speaker grill, and the loudspeaker starts sounding funny. It’s not a thing to worry since it starts working normally once the iPhone is dried. There’s are even some Shortcuts available to push water droplets out of the speakers. Although it doesn’t fully remove the water.

The good news is that there are options for repair. Depending on the severity of the damage, a water damage repair may be able to fix your iPhone.

Should I Repair My iPhone Or Buy A New One?

Deciding whether to repair or replace your iPhone can be a tough decision. One consideration is the age of your smartphone. If it’s older than five years, it’s likely time for an upgrade. However, if it’s a newer model, the decision may be more complicated.

If your phone has minor damage, it may make sense to have it repaired. The new iPhone may come with updated features and technology, and it may even be more cost-effective in the long run if you factor in the cost of continuous repairs and upgrades. Ultimately, the decision is yours and should be based on the state of your current device and your personal needs and preferences.

Should I use rice to dry my iPhone to deal with water damage?

Unfortunately, using rice to dry and retrieve a water damaged iPhone is not the best solution. While it may seem like a simple and easy fix, rice does not actually absorb moisture from the inside of the device. The water can also find its way deep into the phone, rendering the rice ineffective.

Additionally, the process of dropping an iPhone in water can damage the delicate ports, and the rice particles can get stuck inside, causing even further damage. To properly recover a water damaged iPhone, it’s best to turn it off immediately, remove the case and SIM card, and take it to a certified repair technician or service provider. Don’t attempt to turn it on or charge it until it has dried completely, or you could cause further harm to the phone.

Again, I’ve used my iPhone 12 Pro Max under water several times for recording videos. I’ve always found the speakers get affected because of the water and start sounding muddy, they it gets fixed once the iPhone is dried. IF you want to speed up the process, use hair dryer with the iPhone turned off. Don’t let it get too hot though.

I hope the following advices were helpful to you.

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