Celebrating 10 Years: Google Brings Major Design and Feature Upgrades to Chrome Browser on All Devices

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2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Google chrome’s existence. It was launched on 5th September 2008.

And to celebrate its 10th anniversary Google is rolling out some major design changes and future improvements across all its Browser on different devices from PC, iOS and Android.

Starting today, users will notice more rounded shape corners, new icons, and colour palette on the browser.

The tabs are rounded to, which makes it easier to notice them and is useful for those who like to have too many tabs open in their browsers.

Google has also tweaked the auto-fill feature as well as the password manager.

The latest version, Chrome 69, will Google has also tweaked the fill-in passwords, addresses and credit card numbers into the forms on each of your devices since it keeps the information synced.

The password manager has also been improved to work in a better way, if you have created an account on one of your devices, your login credentials will be available for you to log in on other devices as well.

This all used to exist in the previous versions as well but Google has claimed to make it work better in the newer version.

Omnibox, another important feature of a Google Chrome browser gets new features like now you can get your answers directly without having to open a new tab.

This too was available but was limited to a few queries, and now it can offer more quick answers.

There is also an important feature which will let you highlight the tab when you are trying to open a website which is already opened in any of your tabs. You will also get the option to switch to the tab.

So, this feature also works as a shortcut for switching between the tabs if there are a dozen tabs open.

Getting inspired by the Google assistant, you will soon be able to search for files and photos from your Google Drive, directly from the Omnibox, given you have logged into your Google account.

These updates will automatically be made available to you since the Google Chrome updates itself in the background, and for the mobile versions, you can update the apps from the respective app stores.

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