How to grow on Instagram as an influencer?

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Instagram started as a photo-sharing website a decade ago. But after Facebook acquired it for 1 billion dollars in 2012, Facebook has brought many changes, and one of the most controversial was the introduction of ads.

One report says that in 2020, Instagram’s annual revenue was around 20 billion dollars which is 20 times the price Facebook paid to acquire the site just about a decade ago.

It is the perfect place for content creators to market themselves to a large audience. Content creators might seek several options like to buy girl followers or boy followers according to their content type but Instagram has introduced many features for the users and utilizing them is possible to get the desired exposure. If you are looking to grow on Instagram.

Here are some tips that can help you do so.

Explore the App Features

There are many ways on how to grow on Instagram as an influencer. You can start by taking the time to learn the mechanics of the app. Many features are built right into the Instagram app that can be a great tool for beginners to start posting their content the right way.

If your Instagram account type is personal, you should turn it into a Creator account. This unlocks a lot of features. You get features like ‘Insights’ which will help you understand what is working and from where the people are coming to give your posts.

Explore the App Content from Your Topic

Next, you should identify your target audience and figure out what they like on Instagram. Lastly, you need to create content that is appropriate for your target audience and post it regularly.

Think unique is a great thing, and you should always have uniqueness in your content, but it is also crucial to understand what type of content works in your ni your niche. The best place is to watch your competition, their quality of content, their presentation, and their frequency of content.

It will help you figure out your style and pattern that will also be interesting to your viewers as they have already been fed that type of content and made used to it.

Let your content be the reason to follow you

Do not be too self-promotional in the beginning when you are growing your followers. Start by sharing content that doesn’t mention you or your products or services in it.

Let your followers know who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you organically before asking them for anything in return.

If you want people to follow your account, make sure that the images on your profile are high quality and portray a pleasant lifestyle that people might want to be a part of.

Utilize Video Content – Especially Reels

`”We are no longer a photo-sharing app”

It was said by the head of Instagram in June 2021.

Instagram’s current focus is on videos because a similar short video sharing platform is getting all the eyeballs in the US and some other emerging markets.

Instagram’s introduction of Reels was inspired by TikTok. Like it was able to popularize one of its other inspired features from Snapchat, Stories, Instagram has prioritized videos on its platform.

Be Consistent

Consistency is much more important than you think. Even if it is just one viral Reel that will gain thousands of followers, you will have to create hundreds of videos of the same quality and consistency.

I see many new creators gaining thousands of followers in a few months just because they were being regular at uploading content, especially video content.

Follow the Trend

It doesn’t matter what type of content you make, and you can always find a trend that would match your topic or try to integrate it somehow with your kind of content.

The benefit of following trends is, you get to have more eyeballs since it may get recommended to new people via the explore section of Instagram.

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