How to upload Reels on Instagram to the highest quality

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After a recent update, Instagram has improved the quality of videos uploaded to their site. Now, you can upload your videos in higher quality without worrying about them being compressed. This article will show you how it is done.

Instagram is now a video-centric social media platform. With its introduction of Reels, video consumption on Instagram has skyrocketed in the last few months.

So much that it has become the first choice for many creators. Even though it’s a mobile-first platform, professional creators are using high-end cameras to record their video content and edit on premium editing software.

But that doesn’t mean creators using their mobile phones to record Reels won’t be able to gain traction on the platform. They too can upload their videos to the highest quality on Instagram.

Upload High Quality Videos on Instagram

Since Instagram is a mobile-first social media platform, it has an option under the setting that allowed Instagram users to save data while uploading videos on the platform.

It works something similar to WhatsApp, where the quality of the video is reduced to reduce its size for easy uploading and sending it to the recipients.

But, unlike Whatsapp, where we have to work our way around to get high-quality Status, it’s pretty straightforward to do it on Instagram.

You can enable the setting of uploading high-quality videos. This option can be found in the settings area of Instagram.

Tap on three horizontal lines appearing on the top right of the screen when you are on your profile page Instagram. Then tap on Settings – Account – Data Usage. Enable High-quality uploads.

This allows you to upload Reels or longer videos to their highest quality. Hope this helps.

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How to Retain Quality of a Video on Instagram

People use different devices and different videos formats for uploading reels on Instagram. To make it efficient, what Instagram does is process every video in a format of its choice, with different resolutions to deliver it to users depending on their internet speed.

Every video that has been exported has to go through one more process after it is uploaded to Instagram. And the number of times a video has to go through this process makes the quality of the video worse.

So, if you are repurposing your video that you uploaded to another platform, by editing it again in your video editing app, and then uploading it on Instagram, it has to go through this process three times, which means its quality would be less then the video that has to go through the process two times. 

If you want to retain the quality of a video, avoid making it go through processing several times. If you want to replace the content, try doing it with the original project. Maybe when you are editing the video for your choice, you can cut a version on another platform. 

If you are recording your video on your mobile phone

You can use the inbuilt video editor of Instagram in the reel section, which would mean the video would only go through the processing just once when uploaded on Instagram. 

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