How to Post Longer 60 Second Stories on Instagram

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Update: August 2022

It’s finally rolling out to more instagram users. I have it on two of my account now.

In the last few years, Instagram has been a popular social media platform for people who enjoy sharing their life events and experiences.

One of the best features of Instagram is that you can share creative and beautiful photos and videos with your friends and followers.

There are many creative ways to share your life on Instagram, using short 15-second videos called Stories.

Facebook Inc., Meta has finally made it possible to post longer 60 second stories on Instagram. Here’s how you can do it.

So, Stories is a pretty popular feature on Instagram. The fact it gets deleted after 24 hours makes it easy for people to not care about the content they are putting on the internet because it’s not there forever.

The only downside of the Instagram stories is its 15-second limit.

We’ve previously written articles mentioned a numebr of tools to cut your stories into smaller 15 second clips so that you can easily post them in continuation.

Then Instagram started cutting longer clips into shorter 15-second clips and letting users post in continuation.

But it finally is changing it by introducing 60 second stories, which is 4 times the 15 second limit. It is currently testing the 60 second stories feature with a handful its users.

It might still take a few weeks before the feature gets rolled out to the larger audience, but, indeed, it will be rolled out eventually.

If you are reading it at a later date, chances are, it’s already rolled out, and in that case, you’ll also find a way to access it on the Instagram app.

How to get the longer 60 second stories

Make sure you have the updated version of instagram. Even if you have got the auto update feature enabled on your mobile, make sure you manually check the Instagram app, in the Play Store, or App Store, for your Android or iPhone mobile respectively.

If you are on the updated version of instagram. You can try I removing it from the recent apps, and launch it again, aur maybe even clear the cache from app settings on your mobile.

Record a clip from your camera app that is more than 30 seconds, and try posting it on instagram. It unlocked for me by doing this.

Professional accounts might get it sooner than personal or business accounts. If you are an already aware instagram lets you choose categories for your account. You can decide whether you want to turn your instagram account Professional (Influencer, Creator), or Business (mostly for brands, media or a non person entitiy).

And it is actually pretty easy to turn your instagram account into professional account, please find the option in the settings age of instagram and you are good to go.

Have patience, some of my creative friends and also got the 60 seconds story feature enabled. So, it’s coming to all of you. Just have some patience.

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