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The modes and ways of communication have evolved over time. Despite the enhancement of communication modes, there is a mode that has retained its importance despite technological advancement. Fax documents continue to be the safest, secure, and professional way to communicate. 

Now, what if the fax documents and Google combine to formulate one most dynamic and perfect mode to send out faxes? Just by getting a google fax number, you can enable yourself the possibility of sending and receiving faxes in a totally remote manner. 

Merely by using Google to Fax, you can empower your personalized version of the most popular search engine to send and receive faxes for you. The ease of using Google Fax Number would totally negate the usage of old, dated fax machines.

What is Google Fax Number?

It would be wrong to associate Google with just being a search engine. Google is capable of and helpful in an array of objectives. From being a storage database of multiple document types to voice message sender, there’s nothing Google cannot do.

Now, with the rightful impetus provided by CocoFax, Google can also be an effective substitute for a fax machine. While fax machines have become totally redundant because of their maintenance cost, fax documents still continue to retain their popularity.

This is where a Google Fax Number could be an answer to your faxing dilemmas. You can fax in a totally remote manner without fretting over the high maintenance cost of the fax machines or parading around for papers, toners, and ink.

Google Fax Numbers are being used by corporates and individuals who use faxes in a regular manner. While laptops, desktops, and even smartphones work on the digital platform, faxes work on an analog telephonic mode. CocoFax acts as a connecting point and transmitter of one message type into another.

How to Get a Google Fax Number?

Getting a Google Fax Number is one of the easiest things you are going to do. There would hardly be anyone who does not have a Gmail account, mail from Google. Anyone who communicates effectively will have a Gmail account by default.

If you have a Gmail account and an internet connection, all you need is a CocoFax subscription to get started with sending and receiving faxes. The best part is that you get a fax number totally free of cost.

You can totally mitigate the hassle of attaining a fax number as you get a Google Fax Number as a part and parcel of your CocoFax subscription. Your signing up makes you eligible to receive the same.

30 Day Free Trial

CocoFax offers not one, not two but a 30-day free trial. 30 days is a decent time to get used to the application and see how it functions. You can gauge your compatibility with the application and see the level of your convenience with it.  

If you do not feel like the application is well suited for you, you can cancel the subscription within this 30-day timeline. The application is getting recognized globally because of its great services. 

Fax For Free with Google Fax Number

Another added advantage of CocoFax is the number of free faxes offered in the most basic subscription. As compared to other alternatives, CocoFax just offers so much more. As opposed to other apps that exclude international faxes from the free faxes they offer, CocoFax makes no exception.


CocoFax is the most cost-effective method for national and international business communication. Even if you go by the charges levied by CocoFax for international faxes, the charges are comparatively lower than other online faxing services. 

Enables Remote Working

CocoFax enables remote working. This is because the platform is essentially virtual. You do not need to install or set up any physical fax machine. All your sending and receiving of faxes can be done in a totally remote setup.

This specifically assists businesses when they are sending and receiving faxes in a remote setup. In case of emergencies or employees working from home, the business should not suffer because of the lack of office infrastructural support. 

Sending Fax through Google Fax Number

To send faxes through Gmail, you just need to add to the end of a fax number you need to send a fax to. This will send the fax directly to the inserted fax number with the suffix. CocoFax will then act as a transmitting mode converting a digital message into an analog message. 

CocoFax also eases things out for you by letting you know that the fax has been delivered. There are also instances of non-delivery that occur on account of the fax machine being turned off or sheer manual error. Nevertheless, you would know even if the fax is not delivered.

Receiving Fax through Google Fax Number

It is also immensely easy to receive faxes through the Google Fax Number. Your Gmail account actually becomes your very little fax machine. Any fax you receive in the number will appear in your inbox as a notification.

Multiple Platforms

Google can be used on multiple platforms, and so is CocoFax. The versatility of CocoFax makes it even further more popular. The application has attained a clientele of its own because of its flexibility. 

The application has extreme flexibility of usage. There are so many platforms from which you can use Google Fax Number. Be it desktop, laptop, smartphones, or any other internet compatible device, the faxes can be sent out from anywhere. 


It is so easy getting a Google Fax Number, it might seem the most simplistic thing that you will ever do. The service offered by CocoFax is the best in the business. The application has set quality benchmarks for other online faxing applications to follow.

The application has the most amazing setup that offers extreme ease and convenience. You can fax from anywhere in the world without having any dependency upon any office fax machine. 

The process becomes as remote as you can imagine. So, stop the old and dated methods of faxing as online faxing service has brought an industry revolution and CocoFax is very much the leader!


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