How to remove background music from your Audio or Video with Voice/Dialogues

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This post is for all the content creators who get frustrated trying to remove background music from audio or video just because they got a copyright strike for that particular music they used.

And the original file was already deleted, which did not have the background music. It happens to me a lot.

Sometimes you have to repurpose your content for different platforms, and you may want to use other music because that music is not suitable for that platform or the same copyright issue.

Now I have tried to add another piece of music in my editor, but it sounds terrible, and the viewer/listener will probably not like it much.

There are several ways you can remove background music from audio. One such tool I recently came across is descript.

Descript is a fantastic piece of software that does more amazing than removing background music from your audio.

But we’ll talk about it in some other post. Let’s talk about removing background music from your audio file. But we’ll talk about it in some other post. Let’s talk about removing background music from your audio file. 

How to remove background music from your audio or video

The greatest thing about this app is that you can also do this on your video. You don’t need to detach the audio from your video, export it as an audio file, and then use this software to remove the background music from it.

Although you have the audio file, you can also do it. I have an Instagram Reel where I have used music that is allowed on that platform, but I have to upload it on youtube short, giving me a copyright strike.

So I insert my Instagram Reel into to Descript application and click on the file properties from the right-hand side. This page gives me an option to enable ‘Studio Sound’ (view the image below)

After processing, I get my audio without the music in the background.

The audio I got had a few vocals from the music I had used, but it is pretty negligible. And I could bypass the copyright strike, which was my priority.

So, it works best when you only have music beats because it has different frequencies from vocals and can easily be removed, unlike the vocals, which this application tries to retain.

This application can be downloaded on Mac and Windows and has a subscription to remove all its limitations. But the good news is that this particular feature is also available in the free version, with no limits.

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