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8 Incredible Tips to Increase Your Laptop’s Efficiency

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What’s the secret to getting the most out of your laptop?

The answer lies in its hardware. The more powerful and efficient your laptop, the better your experience. That’s because a high-powered processor and working memory, airflow, heat dissipation, and storage space — all of which help keep you productive while you work on the go.

So how you can increase your laptop’s efficiency? Here are some 8 incredible tips to increase your Laptop’s efficiency.

Incredible Tips To Increase Your Laptop’s Efficiency

Now, we are going to reveal our top tips that we do regular on our laptop to increase its efficiency and productivity.

Keep Your Laptop Dust-Free And Cool With A Cooling Pad:

Undoubtedly, laptop computers are incredibly fast these days, but they’re also a major source of heat. So, keeping your laptop cool is important to keep it running at full speed and avoid overheating issues.

With a cooling pad, you can easily keep your laptop cool and dust-free with no added bulk or weight. A cooling pad can be used in conjunction with your laptop’s case or without it!

Also, you should clean debris and dust with a wet cloth periodically from its chassis area. Because, dust can build on the fan or processor which lowers down the power supply function, directly impacting the efficiency.

Install an SSD

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are the future of storage. They combine high performance with low cost and no moving parts. So, using an NVMe 2.0  SSD will result is an increase in efficiency that can have a significant impact on your business laptop.

Use a VPN To Prevent Online Phishing Attacks:

You can use a Windows VPN to protect yourself from downloading malicious software or files. It automatically detects spam links and warns you about the website. That said, we recommend you use CyberGhost VPN.

CyberGhost Windows VPN is fast and secure, it will increase your laptop’s efficiency as well as keeping you safe from spammy websites and hold your back against online phishing attacks.

Upgrade Your RAM:

Increase your laptop’s RAM to increase your speed and performance. A higher amount of RAM will allow you to multitask more effectively and run more programs at once.

Conveniently, it’s more beneficial for business applications where you have to be able to switch between multiple documents or tasks quickly.

Eliminate Malware From Your Laptop:

Malware is a big problem for almost all laptops. The problem with malware is that it can cause irreparable damage to your computer and slow it down.

For example, if a virus infects your laptop, you may not be able to get rid of it. If this happens, then you will have to buy a new laptop. This is why you must protect your laptops from malware and viruses by using a premium Malware Defender.

Keep Your OS Updated:

If your laptop is using an outdated operating system, then it’s going to have some issues.

For example, if your laptop is running an older version of Windows XP then it will not have the latest security updates or patches that are available today.

More so, it can lead to severe security risk and Malware being installed on your computer without you knowing about it which can cause all sorts of issues with your personal information being stolen or even worse – hacked!

Close Background Applications:

When you’re trying to maximize your laptop’s efficiency, closing all unnecessary applications is a great place to start.

Applications that you don’t use regularly are the most resource-hungry. Closing them will save you a considerable amount of energy and help reduce the overall power consumption of your system.

To easily close applications you can use Windows’ built-in Task Manager tool, or another third party application like CCleaner.

Disable Unnecessary Programs From Startup:

Disabling unnecessary programs from startup will boost start up time, and reduce run-time.

To disable unwanted programs from startup, follow these steps:

Click the Start button and in the search box, type msconfig and press Enter.
In the System Configuration window, select the Startup tab and from the drop-down list choose a disabled or an enabled state for each item you want to change. If necessary, select a new state in the drop-down list and click Apply or OK to save changes.
Close the System Configuration window.


Increasing laptop’s efficiency means a better workflow which leads to fewer headaches and more productivity. To do this, you can follow all the steps discussed above.
Or you can skip some of them if you feel like your laptop is back on track. Our favorite is using a VPN and installing a SSD.

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