Why Should You Buy the Cellular Apple Watch?

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I love Apple Products, be it the MacBook, the iPhone, or the iPad. But I never imagined I’d love the Apple Watch so much.

For a long time, I thought Apple Watch was useless. If I have to track my steps and sleep, I can do that using any smartwatch or a fitness band.

But then I came across a video showing Apple Watch can be used as a viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera.

I had the Apple watch on my wrist in a few days. But even then, I thought the Cellular version was a waste. Because if you carry your smartphone everywhere, why would you need a cellular connection on your Apple Watch?

God, I was so wrong. For many reasons, it makes sense to buy the cellular version of the Apple watch.

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Is the Cellular Version Worth the Money?

If you want to disconnect and enjoy some ME time, the cellular version Apple Watch helps with that.

You can leave your iPhone behind when you are going for your run in the morning, or maybe when you want to enjoy some alone time.

Cellular Watch will ensure your friends and family can still be in touch with you whenever they want. And these days, staying disconnected means staying off the social media platform, because that is where most of the anxiety comes from.

Cellular Apple Watch Prevents Distractions

The cellular version of the Apple Watch doesn’t have social media apps. It doesn’t have YouTube, and it doesn’t have Instagram, it doesn’t have app Twitter, or any other app that is quite addictive on the smartphone.

While I can still get notifications from Gmail and get text messages, I am okay with getting notifications or text messages because whenever I want to disconnect from the internet, I want to disconnect from the social media part.

When you go out without your smartphone, you can enjoy your time with less distraction with all the necessary tools that are still accessible.

For example, you can get directions to a particular spot using the maps on your Watch, and you can use your voice to set reminders or note something even when your smartphone is not with you because ideas can come anytime, even when you are enjoying your me time.

Wi-Fi Apple Watch is useless without the iPhone

The Wi-Fi version Apple Watch becomes a Dumb watch without the iPhone because it doesn’t have data, so Siri doesn’t work. You can’t get weather updates, or even the remote camera doesn’t work.

If you work out and go to the gym, you can go without your smartphone and use Apple Watch to listen to your music on Apple Music, Spotify, or Google Music if you have the AirPods connected.

I love that I can listen to my Podcast when I’m going for a walk, and I don’t have to take my iPhone with me. If I want to call someone, or someone wants to contact me, I am available, and honestly, I don’t even have to worry about whether my iPhone is charged or not because I know that I will not be missing any calls as long as I have got my Apple Watch with me.

Apple Pay is doesn’t work in India, but wherever it does, this is another excellent feature of the Cellular Apple Watch. You don’t need your smartphone to make payments using Apple Pay.

You have to pay additional money in the US and other countries for the cellular plans that support Apple Watch Cellular. In India, Service providers like Jio offer it for free.

So it is just that you have to pay extra hundred dollars while buying the Watch for the cellular option, and that’s it.

Buy Cellular Apple Watch

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