Listen to Songs on YouTube in Background using the new YouTube Music app

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YouTube is the largest video sharing platform of the Internet. It is also a one-stop destination for getting access to the latest song. Artists and music labels make sure that they release their music on YouTube as well.

I know many people who use YouTube just for listening to the songs, The videos would only be played when it is in the foreground even when you’re just listening to the music. this is because YouTube does not allow anyone to listen to the song in the background while using any other app, at least for their free version.

YouTube has recently launched a brand new music application called YouTube music, the app will let you stream music that is uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube Red is now YouTube Premium

YouTube offers both Free (ads supported), as well as Paid service. The paid service comes under YouTube premium, which is a rebrand of YouTube Red.

YouTube Red launched a couple of years ago, and it has now been rebranded as a YouTube premium. The music application, YouTube Music will let you listen to songs on Youtube in the background, a feature many people wanted for a very long time.

Even though there are a lot of workarounds that let you run YouTube videos in the background, but they all are against the terms and conditions of YouTube. This is why you do not find such apps in the Play Store.

YouTube Music Subscription Costs $9.99 Monthly

YouTube Music is currently available in the US, it will soon be extended to other countries as well. The free version will be ad-supported and for the ad-free experience, you will have to spend $9.99 per month.

YouTube Premium (earlier known as YouTube Red) will have a little higher monthly fee, will also offer and had free experience along with some exclusive content only accessible to the premium members. The music service would come bundled with a YouTube premium subscription.

It is great news for the upcoming Artists and Musicians who have got a huge platform where they can release their music not just for gaining eyeballs but actually making a living from it.

What will happen to Google Play Music

YouTube Music is not YouTube’s first attempt at offering music streaming services. It had been promoting Google Play Music for a very long time. In fact, it was recently launched in India and the monthly subscription was pretty competitively priced.

If you look at that subscription price of group YouTube Music it is way tried here then the Google Play music subscription. Maybe Google will keep the subscription price of YouTube music competitively in a market like India.

Many reports are speculating that Google will Shut down Google Play Music and will replace it with YouTube music. It will be interesting to see how Google will be integrating then your app since Google play music was not just about music streaming but it was also a music player that would allow you to play music stored on your phone locally.

Having said that, Google will have to do something about it to differentiate both the services because it will only create confusion as to which service to opt for.

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