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5 Things I like About the New MacBook Pro (2019 Model)

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Asif Ahmed
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It has been a few days since I have been using the Macbook Pro (July 2019 refresh).

Although I have written a detailed review of MacBook Pro after using wait for a few days, I am still exploring things that amaze me.

So instead of updating my review, I wanted to write about the things that I am liking in the new MacBook Pro. Maybe I will keep updating it as I discover many other use cases.

The Small Form Factor of the New MacBook Pro

I am talking about the 4th generation of MacBook Pro as a whole, which was introduced with the new design in 2016.

The bezels around the screen were shortened, making it give a smaller footprint in comparison to the older MacBook.

It won’t really matter much if it’s your first purchase, but if you were using the previous generations of MacBook, you will appreciate the small form factor much more than anybody else.

I keep travelling with my new MacBook Pro And it is just easier to to use it.

The Amazing Touch Bar

When the MacBook Pro was introduced in 2016 with Touchbar, it was a ‘Novelty’ that was only available in the higher versions of MacBook Pro.

But it was often discarded as a gimmick feature which is it not going to be much useful in day to day use cases.

Now that it has been introduced even the base variant, my entry-level 2019 MacBook Pro has also got the Touchpad, and I can see how it helps me do work faster.

It is a screen that can show different features while you are using different apps; it makes it more usable then placing physical keys that won’t change the function.

While typing, it gives suggestions for words, just like on mobile phones, it even suggests emojis.

I feel this is an amazing feature for someone like me, who doesn’t know spellings of a lot of words. It saved me for yearso on mobile, and now it is there on laptops as well.

Even while using Final Cut Pro for editing videos, I find it pretty useful for scrubbing through the timeline for choosing the exact color for the fonts that I want to use for text in the video.

There are many more use cases that if I start talking about, this is going to be a long post so I’ll stop here.

USB type C Slots Are Pretty Useful

Apple made the decision of removing All the input slots from MacBook Pro. The Charging slot, the SD Card Reader, and the USB Type-A are gone and replaced by USB type C.

The base variant gets to USB Type C / Thunderbolt 3 ports, while the higher variant gets 4 USB Type C / Thunderbolt 3 ports.

I know the USB dongle business model is for real, and the company just wants to extend their business. But hear me out for a minute, not all the input slots you are using actively throughout.

In my review I talked about why the base variant makes more sense to purchase, considering the price difference, you can spend a fraction of that money you saved, to buy a USB type C Hub, that will have all the input and output slots Apple Ditched.

Most of the time, I am using my MacBook Pro without attaching anything else, like the external SSD, SD card, or even the charger. So I don’t really care about how many input slots the Macbook Pro has.

I always have got USB Type C Hub in my bag, as well as on my desk, if I ever need them. Find best USB Type C Hub for MacBook Pro. 

The USB type C is amazing, it can do multiple things, such as charging the device, so you don’t need an extra hole in your MacBook just for the charging slot.

USB type C is universal, so you can also use any USB type C charger to power your MacBook Pro in case of an emergency.

You can even power it up using a Power Bank, so there is also another use case for the Power Bank you carry with you everywhere, a 10000mAh Power Bank will give almost 10 hours of extra power to your MacBook Pro, which is an amazing thing.

The Power Bank isn’t powerful enough to charge the laptop but is still going to hold up the charge for you so that you can use your MacBook Pro for long hours.

I am currently connected my MacBook Pro to a 10000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank, and I am on 30% from the last 75 minutes

It isn’t charging the Macbook Pro, but it isn’t letting the battery discharge also.

The Second Generation Butterfly Keyboards

Again, whether 4th generation of MacBook Pro was introduced in 2016, the new butterfly mechanism keyboards were introduced, which had less key travel, and lead a lot of MacBook Pro users and satisfied whenever the type on it.

Now that I have been using it from last few weeks, I think this is is the best keyboard I have ever used.

I use multiple machines, I use a Logitech keyboard along with my Windows desktop, and keyboards of my HP Chromebook also amazing

But whenever I went back to MacBook Air, I found the keyboard keys were little too hard for me to press.

I find the new keyboards on the Macbook Pro easy to type. You can type really fast by sliding your fingers what the keyboard the keys do not get pressed down too much.

There is also so no space for the dirt to get inside which makes cleaning the keyboard is here on the new MacBook Pro in comparison to the previous generation ones.

Retina Display Gives You More Space to Work

The new generation of MacBook Pros come with retina display which has got a higher resolution.

All the default resolution on MacBook Pro is 1440 X 900. You can set it to 1680 x 1050, which gives you more space to work on, especially if you work with multiple apps open.

In my workflow, I use the split-screen feature a lot so that I don’t have to switch between apps.

Since I mostly use Google Chrome browser, I have this Chrome extension installed that lets me automatically use split screen with just one click.

There are many other things that impressed me e in Macbook Pro such as the speakers, that have got a really great sound quality.

Watching YouTube videos or TV shows on Netflix is amazing to experience because of the amazing display and great sound quality.

I even like the trackpad, which is the biggest trackpad on any laptop at least as of now, makes making multi gestures easy.



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