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How to play YouTube Videos in Background on my phone? How to play YouTube videos when the screen is turned off? How to use YouTube as a  Music Player and only listen to the Music?

These are some of the questions I keep getting on a daily basis.

In fact, I keep getting a lot of questions, and I answer them in long detailed posts so that it can be helpful to a lot of people.

So in this post, I am going to answer these questions related to playing YouTube videos in the background. Though I’ve already written a similar post in the past this post gives you more options.

So, We use our Android phones for doing a lot of things, and sometimes, a lot of things at the same time. But when we watch a YouTube video, sadly we have to watch just that video before we can do other things.

YouTube videos have a lot of amazing content, and it’s just not about videos all the time. You just want to listen to the audio of a music video, like a song, or maybe you want to just listen to a lecture and not watch it.

I have been using Flynx browser for this purpose. For those who don’t know about Flinx browser, go read this post that talks about it in detail.

The shorter version is, it’s an amazing Chat Head (that Facebook Messenger’s pop up chat feature) Browser that keeps things open in a Circular bubble somewhere on the screen.

So you simply open any YouTube link using the Flynn browser and enjoy just the audio of the YouTube video while doing something else on your phone.

YouTube_StreamAppThis just worked for me until today when I finally found this amazing app called Stream, that truly lets you play YouTube videos in the background.

The Stream app is a player for YouTube that also pretty much behaves like a music player. You can create Playlists, Add a video to play next, it gives you recommendations on the basis of the video you are watching.

Play YouTube Videos in the Background


The best feature of the Stream app is, it plays the YouTube videos on any screen, even when your phone is locked. From the app, you can pop out the video (more like the Picture in Picture effect) and you can choose the size of the Pop Out Video.


I’ve selected the smallest size and it keeps floating over other apps I am browsing, does not stop when I am switching between the app or decide to lock the screen. Though, the Pop Out Video still appears on the Screen.

Why doesn’t it play the YouTube videos in Background Truly? 

Well, The Stream app isn’t the first app that tried to solve this problem of letting users play YouTube videos in the background. There are few apps like uListen, SuperTube and Viral that offers similar solutions, but as they did not play fair with Google’s policy, they were removed from the Play Store.

Why Google (or say YouTube) doesn’t want you to play videos in the background? 

YouTube is the largest video platform on the planet. It is also one of the ways Google makes money, by putting ads before (or in between) the videos. And it wants you to see those ads along with the videos. Because, hey, Advertisers pay more when their ads are watched.

This is the reason they fixed one of the flaws in Chrome for Android that let users play the YouTube Videos in the background.

So, the Stream app plays fair with Google’s policy by not turning the screen off while playing the video.

The app is Free to use and is supported by Ads, that can be turned off by paying Rs 40 (or $0.60) but the ads are not annoying as they are not inside the app. I am okay with the Free version.

➤ Install Stream App

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