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If you are reading this, I assume you are that one person in your family (and perhaps extended family) who is called the tech expert, the mobile man.

And whenever there is some trouble in their mobile phones, they have just one person on the quick dial list, YOU.

So, my friend, I know how frustrating it is to give instructions to them over the phone.

Few are smart enough to do it themselves if I send them a screenshot or two via WhatsApp or other messaging app.

But there are still so many people who would keep asking you how to do it even after those detailed flow of screenshots.

Teamviewer Mobile Support app comes to the rescue in situations like these. Teamviewer is an amazing software that has been available for Remote PC Access from last few years.

They also had the app which would let you access your PC or Mac ( or anyone else’s PC or Mac) from Mobile. And now they finally have this new app that lets you access the Mobile phone from a PC or a Mac.

Remotely accessing Friend’s Samsung Galaxy A 5 from my Macbook

I just gave support to a friend who had some problems in his phone and despite so many screenshots and to and fro messages, he was not able to solve the problem.

Thankfully he knows how to install an app. After Installing the Teamviewer Mobile Support app, I was able to access his mobile and fix the issue in less than 5 minutes.

How does Teamviewer Quick Support Work?

It works pretty much the same way the PC to PC remote access work. I’ll simply mention the step by step method for easy understanding.

Step 1: Send this TeamViewer Quick Support App link (for Samsung Mobiles) to the person and ask them to install it.

Step 2: Once the app is installed, ask them for the User ID. There won’t be any passwords required.

Step 3: Launch the Teamviewer app on your PC or Mac and put the user ID to connect to the Mobile Phone.

Step 4: Ask the Mobile user to accept the connection.

Step 5: Once the connection is accepted, you will see a virtual image of their Mobile phone and you can access it.

Note: Make sure the Mobile user has a stable Internet connection, Wi-Fi is recommended. Ask the user to keep the phone down while you access the phone.

While there are many other ways to send and receive files between a Mobile phone and a PC when both the devices are yours.

This Quick support app from Teamviewer solves a lot of problems for people who constantly get requests to fix problems of other’s phones.

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