How to post videos to IGTV from Desktop and Mobile

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As you may already be aware of Instagram introducing IGTV too lates its users post longer videos in vertical format. Currently, the length of the video can be from 15 seconds to up to 60 minutes.

This new feature will result in new opportunities for creators to post longer videos on a platform that has already got over 1 billion monthly active users.

If you are on Instagram and interested in posting videos on IGTV,

Here is how you can create your channel and post videos from the desktop.

Simply go to the Instagram website, log in if you haven’t already, then click on your profile you go to your profile page.

You will notice a new tab named IGTV along with posts, this is where you will be able to create your channel if you haven’t already, and then you will be given an option to post the video.

Keep in mind that the post should be in a vertical format, you can check out this article to know how you can edit videos in vertical format for this new that from called IGTV.

This is how you post videos to IGTV from your mobile phone

You can either install the standalone app of IGTV that will be available in the Play Store, (or AStoreore for iPhone), for simply update your Instagram app to get this new feature.

Go to the profile page in the Instagram app, you will find the IGTV section just below the bio section.

When you type on IGTV, you will be asked to create your channel if you haven’t already, then you can tap on the plus button on the right-hand side, to find the footage on your smartphone and upload it.

If the video is recorded using your smartphone you really don’t have to do anything to change the resolution, but it will be better if you try to post quality videos and not just random video footage from your camera roll.

You can use apps like power director for Android smartphone, to make small edits, add text and music to your footage to make them look good, the app also supports editing videos in vertical form.

With over a billion people on its platform and every high rate of engagement, Instagram is aiming to compete with YouTube with plans to bring monetization features for its creators in near future, so it will be better if you get started early and maintain quality.

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