14 Amazing Tips to Make your Android Smartphone Faster for Better Experience

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Majority of the people keep changing their smartphones every year also, because we do so much on your smartphones they tend to get slower with time, and with smartphones with high and specifications getting every year, it is easier for most of us to simply buy a new smartphone rather than having to do it with the older one.

We at Techtippr would like to help you put maximum life into your smartphones all you need is to just listen to us and follow these amazing tips to keep your smartphone faster and have a great experience of using it for a longer period of time.

1. Keep the apps you use on a daily basis, Uninstall the rest

The average number of apps installed on Android smartphones in 95 according to a post on The Next Web blog and smartphone always used only 9 apps per day on an average.

This means that majority of the apps installed on an average users smartphone just sit there not to be opened for weeks if not months.

All those apps installed on your smartphones are sitting for no reason they are occupying space as well as affecting the performance of your smartphone as well.

It will be better if you re-evaluate these apps and keep only the ones that you use on a daily basis and uninstall the rest of them.

We can also use apps like File Go by Google, which gives suggestions about the apps you are not using so that you can uninstall them.

2. Use progressive apps wherever available

If you didn’t know about it already, there are several websites and services that have started offering progressive web apps.

These are the web version of the apps but behave like native apps, and some parts of the app also work in offline mode.

Example, India’s popular E-commerce website Flipkart has a progressive app, so if you open it in Chrome for Android you will it get a popup to ‘Add to Homescreen‘. Simply tapping on the button, will save a few files for offline viewing with an app icon appearing on your home screen just like a native app icon.

3. Clear app cache regularly

Apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, where we tend to watch a lot of video content, can fill up our smartphone’s memory with a lot of cache file

These cache files can be cleared buy Ether going to the app settings individually, or by using apps like FilesGo by Google.

Doing this on a regular basis can help you clear out as much as few GBs of space on your smartphone.

4. Use the lighter version of apps whenever available

From YouTube to Facebook, to Facebook Messenger, to Skype, there are a lot of apps that offer a lighter version of their services as well.

For example, the Facebook app is around 80 MB in size where the Lighter app is just less than 2 MB. Similar is the case with other Light apps.

You can save a lot of space on your smartphone using Lite apps for the services you want to use. And not occupying a lot of space on your smartphone will result in better performance.

5. Turn off auto update apps from Play Store.

The auto update of apps installed from Play Store is enabled by default, which means whenever there is an update for an app it will automatically be updated and installed.

That doesn’t do much harm but, you would end up spending a lot of data on useless updates, which will also slow down your smartphone.

Sometimes there is an update which only adds a new language, or brings of fix for a bug that seems to appear on just a handful of devices.

So make sure you turn off the auto updates from Play Store and make a habit of checking it manually once in a week or so.

Not only you will save GBs of data, your smartphone will also be faster.

6. Restart your Android smartphone at least once a week

Our smartphones are powerful pieces in our pockets, that have processor and RAM which works round the clock to give you a better performance.

Simple restart to your Android smartphone will give it required to refresh. Make a habit of restarting your Android smartphone at least once a week.

7. Use cloud services to free up or internal memory.

The more memory used on your phone the more time it will take to scan files on it.

And it’s not just apps and that will take up space on your smartphone it’s the photos and other files that you download or transfer to your smartphone.

Using services like Google photos for backing up all your photos to the cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive for all your files can help you save a lot of space on your smartphone instill give you access to your files whenever you need.

It also makes it easier to switch smartphones since you do not have to move everything from one phone to another.

8. Keep your apps organized on home screen

Keeping your apps organized on the home screen won’t affect the performance of your smartphone directly,

but it will let you do things faster resulting in a better experience of using an Android smartphone.

You won’t have to spend time searching for apps from a cluster of apps that is on your phone, how do stuff that, otherwise would take a little longer to do.

9. Make your smartphone faster with developer options

You can enable the developer options by going to the software section from the settings area of your smartphone and then tap on the Android version several times.

When the developer options are enabled, you can disable Animations on the device, set Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale to off.

10. Factory Reset your Android smartphone.

If the response of your Android smartphone in launching an app and performing normal actions, like going back, switching between recent apps, is unbearable, you can do a Factory Reset and the smartphone will be as new as it comes from the factory.

But before doing a factory reset to make sure you backup all the data. If you use the Tip #7 and backup most of your data in cloud services it will be less painful to do a factory reset.

11. Use fingerprint unlock or Face unlock

Even the Smartphones under super budget segment come with security options like fingerprint unlock all Face unlock.

These are easier methods to unlock your smartphone in comparison to pattern lock for passwords.

Using these methods will make you access your smartphone faster resulting in giving you a better experience of using your Android smartphone

12. Use a third party launcher

There are hundreds of different devices supported by Android, so there are different launchers on different devices.

If the native app launcher on your device does not offer a lot of features, you can opt for third-party app launchers.

Nova Launcher is one such launcher that can be installed from the Play Store, it gives so many shortcuts and gestures to make your Android experience even better.

13. Turn off unwanted notifications

Restricting apps from sending you notifications can also improve your Android experience, you ask you won’t have to stress on checking every notification you get in the notification panel.

14. Keep your smartphone charged

Most of the smartphones have this feature power saving mode which gets activated when a certain percentage of charge is left on the Smartphone’s battery.

Even though it is good for making your phone last longer you will have to compromise on the performance of your smartphone, since a lot of features of your smartphone would be disabled.

Such as location would be disabled, background syncing would be disabled, your phone’s display would be dimmed a bit in order to conserve battery.

So if you charge your battery before you leave the house you won’t have to deal with this, or better get a power bank to keep your smartphone charged while you are on the way.

So these were some of the best advice you should follow if you own a Smartphone and want to enjoy a better experience for a longer time so that you do not have to spend money on buying a new phone in just one year.

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