How to Convert A PPT to a Video or Add it to Another Video.

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Whether you are looking for a way to convert a PPT into a video or add a PPT into an existing video where you’re presenting it, this article talks about all the possible solutions there can be.

Over the last few years, a lot of people are either working from home or attending their classes online, and for that very purpose, people who are looking for technical solutions, as simple as, adding a PPT to a video have emerged.

Students of all classes are converting their homework and assignments into PDF files and then submitting them to their teachers online, and then there are professionals as well as students who sometimes have to prepare presentations.

Convert a PPT into a video

You are using a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to create your PPT, you can convert it into a video right from the software itself. Instead of saving it as a PPT, you can export the PPT as a video.

You can click on export by going to the file from the top left side of the Microsoft PowerPoint application, you will find the option to export it into an MP4 video. Select the video quality,  1080p is recommended.

That’s it you know have converted your presentation into a video that would play like any now my video is you can even upload it on YouTube and other social media platforms if you intend to.

Add a PPT into a video?

Perhaps your objective is to a creative video while you are presenting it in a live stream or just want to upload somewhere like YouTube or any other social media platform, where is the easiest way you can do it.

If you are presenting it in a meeting via an app like Zoom for Google meet, it will give you an option to share your screen. You can share the screen and start the PPT in full screen.

At this point, you can ask the host of the zoom meeting to record the session if he can. Else, you can do it at your end also using free screen recording apps for Windows.

If you want to do it in a little more professional manner if your objective is to upload it somewhere, you can invest in a professional app such as Snagit and Camtasia, these two are from the same company but give some amazing features for screen recording.

If you do not want to do a screen recording of yourself presenting the PPT, you can add a voice-over to the PPT video. This will also give you a chance to rectify the errors you come across while doing the voice-over and without having to do the screen recording all over again.

You can also use the first method to convert the PPT into a video and then use the editing app to add it to an existing video. There are some amazing video editing apps available for both mobile phones, computers, and browser-based, such as KineMaster, Filmora, and FlexClip respectively.

It’s no secret that many people prefer watching videos over reading long text articles. This is because it’s easy to digest visual information and make something out of it, whereas paragraphs of text can be overwhelming. So you can convert a PPT into a video with the voice-over as if it is the best visual medium.

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