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How to Prevent Kids from Messing up Your Personalized Settings and Data on Your Smartphone

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There are Smartphones in every household nowadays, and kids seem to love them, they too want to explore the tiny screen that connects you to the world.

However, their motive is different, they look for all things, and sometimes it seems they just want to mess everything up so that it becomes difficult for you to find something in your phone with ease.

My little one messes up my personal settings every time he touches my phone, few app icons are missing from the home screen, even few are removed, few calls made to colleagues and people I don’t usually talk on phone.

So how to prevent kids from messing everything up?

Thankfully there are many ways to do it, and if you own an Android phone, there are apps to help you.

App Lock

If you just want a way to secure few of our apps so that’s Kids, or anyone else for that matter, do not get access to the apps, you can install AppLock from Play Store. It’s the easiest way to lock the apps.

AppLock is designed to enable the privacy for the users to let them hide photos and videos from your phone, but the other features can be useful if you’ve got a kid around the house.

The other method, that I use is, GO Launcher, it’s a launcher app that is much more than just a fancy launcher. I use it on all my phones to get the same UI and UX (User Experience) overall.

GO Launcher

GO Launcher lets you hide apps so that they don’t appear even in the app drawer. You can select pattern lock on apps you do not want anyone to sneak in.

I would also recommend you to lock Edits as well, this feature will prevent any edits on your phone, which means no one can remove or replace app icons on the home screen unless the ‘Lock Edit’ mode it turned off, which is quite far from Kids’ reach. (Screenshot)

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Go Launcher can solve the problem of kids messing up with phones for most of the people, but you may continue reading to know about the dedicated apps that will let you create Kids Zone in your smartphone, so that your phone become’s a different phone for kids where they will not find anything you do not want them to find.

Kids Zone

Kid Mode is one such app that will let you do that. It’s easy to set up dedicated space for kids on your phone, you can set up different profiles for different kids and add specific apps to each profile. Great app if you have more than one kid at home.

When the kids ask for your phone, just enable the profile and they will only access the things enabled for that profile, to exit the profile, you need a passcode which you choose while creating the profiles.

Kids Place

You can also look for another app called Kids Place- Parental Control that allows the same functionality if you do not find Kid Mode app to be incompatible with your device.

Follow these steps to keep your data safe, your app icons in place and keep your kids happy as well.


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