How to Uninstall Chromium on Mac Completely

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Does your Mac show Chromium browser installed despite you clearly knowing that you have never installed any such Browser?

Chromium is actually open source software on which Google Chrome is based. Not only Google Chrome, but there are also many other browsers that are based on Chromium. And this is why chromium is being trusted by people.

Some players take advantage of this trust in Google chromium and try to use its name to inject Malware into your PC and Mac computers.

So if you do not clearly recall that you have not installed any such Browser on your Mac then it could possibly be one of that Malware that has been injected into your computer without you knowing about it.

How to Uninstall Chromium Malware from Mac

Click on the Finder app and open it and then navigate to the Applications tab from the Favourites area in the left-hand side.

Use the search bar on the top right-hand side and search for ‘chromium’, make sure you have ‘This Mac’ selected so that it finds the entire Mac for the files you have to delete.

Then click on the plus sign (+) on the right-hand side to get more options to select the file type, even then click on ‘Name’ that appears on the left in the same row, scrolled down the list that appears in the box, and make sure the box against ‘Systel files’ row is checked.

Click ok, and then click on ‘Name’ again, and you will now be able to select ‘System files’ from the list.

Once you select ‘System files’ all the Chromium files would appear in the box. Highlight them all and then delete them by selecting move to trash.

Two log files would appear, and they too will get deleted once you clear the trash.

The chromium Malware would be deleted completely from your Mac.

Video Tutorial for Uninstalling the Chromium Malware

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