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5 Ways to Retrieve Your Lost Mobile Phone

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Losing your mobile phone is an inconvenient and frustrating experience. The loss of your device exposes you to the theft of your private data.

Anyone who finds your device can access your contacts, open your internet banking apps, or look through your image gallery.

If someone steals your phone or you misplace it, there are steps you can take to recover your device and prevent the loss of your data. Here are 5-ways to retrieve your lost mobile phone using the internet.

Googles ‘Find My Device’ – For Android Users

This free app is available from the Google Play Store. To use “Find My Device,” you’ll need to have installed it on your phone before it goes missing. The app can deliver you your phone’s position on a Google Map, providing you with the immediate location, as well as its history.

However, if the phone is switched off, the app can’t do much apart from showing you its last known location. For the app to work, you’ll also need your phones GPS location feature to be active.

To use the app, log into your Google account on another internet-enabled device. Type “Find my device,” into the Google search bar. The app will appear on your screen showing you’re the current location of your phone.

The app menu offers you the option to play a sound through your phone, even if it’s on silent mode. If that doesn’t work and you can find your device, lock your phone and display a text message on the screen, such as a reward offer. You also have the option of erasing your device’s data.

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‘Find My iPhone’ – For iOS Users

Similar to Google’s service, iOS offers a “Find My iPhone,” option. You’ll need to ensure that it’s set up on your device before you lose it.

Tap on Settings, go to iCloud and scroll down to the “enable Find My iPhone” tab. Click it, and you’re ready to go. Log onto your iCloud account through another internet-enabled device and tap the “Find My iPhone” tab.

A map appears showing you the last known location of your device. Apple is applying for a patent on a new technology that would allow users the functionality of turning their phone on discreetly to complete a search. This feature would be handy for any user that has their iPhone stolen.

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Dropbox – For iOS and Android Users

This method requires you to have Dropbox set up on your mobile device and synced with a desktop account on a laptop or another mobile device. If someone steals your iPhone or Android device, open Dropbox to see if he or she has taken any photos with your phone since it went missing.

While it may seem ludicrous that a thief would take pictures with your phone, you may be surprised to learn that it does happen. A blogger published a Tumblr page showing photos of the thief that stole their phone and then used it to take selfies of themselves.

Use Your Samsung Account to Find Your Phone

If you own a Samsung phone like the Galaxy or Note model, you can learn your device’s location with your Samsung account. Log in on any internet-enabled device and select settings. Go to “Find My Mobile.”

The screen will present you with a map of your devices last location as well as the options to call your phone, lock it, backup, or wipe the device remotely.

Third-Party Tracking Apps – Compatible for iOS and Android Users

The best option for any iOS or Android user is installing a third-party app like GPS-Handy Orten before you lose it. A third-party app allows you’re the basic functionality described in the four processes previously outlined. However, you get some optional extras as well.

Upload all of your family’s phones onto the app and keep track of them where ever they go. The app offers a premium package that lets you monitor driver behaviour as well. This feature is ideal if you have a learner driver in the family.

The app informs you of hard braking, as well as speeding. You can even notify emergency services in-app if you’re loved one is involved in an accident.

A Final Thought – The Best Solution

The functionality and diversity of options available in a third-party app make it the most sensible choice for finding your phone.

However, you’ll need to download it first. Take proactive steps to secure your data and download GPS-Handy Orten right away!


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If you are into creating tutorials of some kind and want to speed up your doing it, here is...

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