How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing in the Microsoft Edge Browser

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Has it ever happened to you that you are working in a silent environment and you open a website and the website suddenly starts playing at random video on its own?

If you use Google Chrome browser then here is how you can fix it and block websites from auto-playing content.

But if you use a Windows PC and you specifically use Microsoft edge Browser which is now the default browser of Windows, we are going to learn how we can disable autoplay of videos on websites.

The new update has been made available for the Microsoft edge Browser which will now let you to allow or disable video autoplay.

You can disable video autoplay for all the websites that you open in the edge Browser.

It is quite annoying to see some random website automatically playing sound even when it is not highlighted, and if you have a bunch of websites open in different tabs then it is quite confusing to look for the particular tab and close it manually.

This is why disabling the video autoplay in the browser comes in handy.

Turn off Video Auto Play for All Websites.

You can turn off the video autoplay by going to the Advanced Settings of the Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 1809 or later.

You will find the option under media autoplay where you can click and select Block to block the autoplay of videos.

Turn off Video Auto Play for Specific Websites.

If for some reason you do not want to disable video autoplay for all the websites and just want to block it for only specific websites, you can do that by clicking the lock icon in the address bar.

When you click on the lock icon, you will be able to see the Website permission section, from where you can allow the Media Autoplay.

The feature comes in quite handy if you want your favourite streaming website to autoplay videos when you open them.

While we are here, you can check out these Ad-blockers to be more aggressive on the intrusive ads on a few notorious websites.

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