Get Rid of Subfolders Created by Gcam Mod / Google Camera in Camera Folder Automatically

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The Google Pixel smartphones have got the best camera available on the market, and the Magic is in the app itself, which is exclusive to the pixel smartphones.

But some developers ported the camera apps out and made it available for different smartphones.

It requires a bit of criterion, though, your smartphone needs to have camera2 API enabled.

We have shared the Gcam Mod for some specific Smartphones and I have personally tried it on a few of them. The results are pretty impressive.

However, these modded cameras have created a weird problem that is quite annoying to a lot of people.

To capture the Portrait mode with blurred background, the camera actually saves two photos, one is with Blurred background and one is without the Blurred background.

And both the photos are saved in subfolder created inside the Camera folder.

So every time you take a portrait photo using the gcam on your smartphone can you subfolder is created.

It doesn’t do any harm to your smartphone, though, It’s good to keep stuff organized.

And to tackle this issue a developer has created a special app called GCam tools, which fixes the way Gcam / Google camera saves the Portrait photos on your smartphone.

What it does is, it looks for the subfolders and photos inside them and then move the photos to the main Camera folder.

You can choose the option to move both the files or just the photos with the Blurred background, you can also choose to automatically delete the subfolder, though this feature is available in the pro version, which is $1.99.

But it is still a good enough app utility that can automatically delete with the second photo and move the portrait photo to the main folder.

If you do not want to use this third-party solution you can use Google photos, which wouldn’t show you the subfolders, since it picks up all the photos from the camera folder, no matter if it is in a subfolder or not.

It also groups the two photos so that it is easier for you to select one of them and delete the other one.

Gcam Tools from Play Store

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